Social Networking event on 2/14

Huanying Xu

Today is a special day for me, it’s valentine’s day and we have to a networking event as part of my celebration. The event is local to room 119 N Building. Before I go, I thought there will be a speaker to speak about how to get a job and then show us a different way to get resources. Actually, when I get there, I find out it just a computer lab to assist the student to login to the campus’s own career network site. Still, it will benefit me a lot So I took my time to sit down and ready to do it.

First, there’s a lady right there to help us to sign up for City Tech Connect account. After we finish login, somebody on the other side of the room shows us step by step how to use the site to find a job. I learn how to look at the different workshop, how to fill up the resume. Also, we have to answer a lot of question in order to let the system to match our profile to a job. I think it’s very useful because instead of search graphic design job in general, many different types of companies would pop up, and many of those companies job description might not match our skill and what we good at. By using this system it could increase the hire rate in term of match up our strong suit and what the companies are looking for. I am glad that our school offers such good program to help out student, we are the best.

In high school, we have a college fair, this help student gets to know different college options. I think in the future, I hope our school could organize a job fair for the different major, it will be really helpful for us because we can meet somebody from the company directly, and have to chance to know about each other.