About Me

My name is Huanying, I go to school at New York City College of Technology, this is my second semester in communication design and I started love the major more and more because I can meet those people that have the same interest like me, and learn what I like to do every day, drawing, design, etc. My goal for my college career is to develop professional design concept, able to apply things I have learn in this college to further design career.

Up until now, I already know how to use In design, illustrator, Photoshop to create graphic type layout, editing digital image, vector image. Also I am getting start to learn how to photograph by taking class, I found myself very into it. By create my photo and looking at other’s I always feel inspire. I usually read magazine’s ad to enrich myself, The T magazine is one of  my favorite, they have such clean design in type layout, and many powerful ad image, there are so many to learn, my goal is to become one of those designer that publish work in this magazine.