Assignment of Reflection of Abstract documentary

This documentary talks about all kinds of design, graphic design, car design, architected design etc. what leave a huge impact is the graphic design episode, it’s a documentary about Paula scher, they call her the goddess of graphic design. I was very inspirited by this film. It also changes my feeling toward graphic design and typography. Paula brings graphic in to a level that graphic design is something has deep understanding meaning and beautiful as it naturally does, and also how important in our life.


The first part of this video, Paula scher talks about the Public theater. They hire Pula to rebranding their theater so it would attract more people and to promo the theater culture. Pula she get her idea and inspiration through a type book. That book has a comparison on how the weight of stroke of a letter change form condense to wider. Pula design to applied this to the public theater so it could represent how this theater are changing in their culture from small voice to a big voice. This reminds me I should read more books about graphic design typography.


After that, the video projected all different type of Paula’s work, it was just feel amazing to watch her gorgeous typography work. She talks about how different weight length and size of a type would bring different feeling to people.  She talks about how she created the high line logo, it’s just from her real life observation.


Beside doing graphic design work, Paula also like to work on some painting work. She’s doing a United States map with county’s name and zip code, before this she already done a map with identical personality of the states. I think she’s obsession on painting a map is because her father. Her father invented a machine to draw map more accurate.


Paula also talks about how important typography can be, when it could ruin an election. The butterfly ballot design in 2000 election is just wrong. It get people voted for the opposite. Recently, there are simplar things happen in the 2017 Oscar. The reason they announce that LALA Land has the best Picture instead fo Moon Light is because the typography with the head card, the type of the best picture is small and so the reader didn’t pay attention to. Those example explain how important typography could be. After I watch this, I pay higher respect to Paula Scher, and a deeper understand of typography. Design comes from life, life is about type.