A collaborative Project I worked on

Flushing Town Hall is an art and culture council for the flushing area. They host all kinds of different and exciting shows, events and workshop. One of my design flyers is a modern dance show call the “ cross current” by a dance group called Nai Ni Chen Dance company. they are a group of Chinese dancer who had the passion for modern dance, but they like to mix with traditional Chinese music.

This project is carried by one of our co-workers Ya Yun Teng, she’s a Director of Chinese Community Initiatives. I was talking to her the other day, I suggested that we have a Chinese version print material it will be great to get more Chinese customer because from my observations, the main audience is over 40. she totally agrees with me. Therefore, for this upcoming dance, she asks me to translate the flyer into a bilingual version.

Since she also can read and write in Chinese, all of my translates will be review by her then work on the photoshop. we work together on this flyer I struggle with some of the work that I didn’t know which character is best to represent. she helps me with it. we finally had something nice ongoing.