Course Experience: An analysis of the experience of visual perception

Before I took this class, I was expecting to develop good eyes that would be able to define what visually works and what does not. Also I wanted to develop a professional perspective in the advertising area. I hoped this class would surprise me. Actually it did.

I learned a lot in the first section. I learned the focal point is a very important design element in advertising. It creates a first impression for the consumers. It represents the style of a brand. We first started our training with pictorial balance design; we worked with focal a point, perspective, line, pattern, 3-D and rhythm. In the beginning it was very difficult to make these principles work.  We had to have a size and a shape that’s perfect, in terms of proportion and in relation to the size of the paper; then where to place it was a big challenge, because different shapes create different illusions. The margins had to be perfect also. The last was the draftsmanship; it had to looks like it’s printed perfectly by machine.

Later, we moved into value contrasts achromatic tone and the two monochromes. Two tones of the same hue had to fit perfect together. We had to manage to subtle nuances between the two, as they determined whether it worked or not. Afterwards we transitioned to full color. It’s all about tone. Full color involves warm and cool temperature. All the tones, warm and cool colors have to work together. When I leave this class I would apply all this in creating narratives to advertising production and other designs.

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