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Botanical Garden Day 1

At the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the greenhouses help accommodate the best moistures and temperatures for the growing of these desert plants. They absorb the sun light for food and they’re able to retain the water for long periods of time.

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This is a kind of cactus flower. Although in the cold New York winter, it is still beautiful blooming because the greenhouse gives it a good growing environment. The greenhouse not only shines good sunlight on the cactus, but also … Continue reading

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Best Shot – Shutter Speed

Ζ’/25.0 Shutter Speed – 1″ ISO 100 I believe this is my favorite shot of the day. I am a fan of the central subject, with a feel of wonder in her face. The background shows lots of motion with … Continue reading

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Favorite photo

1/320sec at f/4.9 iso 5000 I like how he looked toward to the hat. It gives a relationship with them.

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Exposure Class

    Ζ’/5.0 24.0 mm 1/1000 2500  

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