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My difficulty

When I was doing my speed homework, I couldn’t find the material because I didn’t have a model. I showed a couple of moves with my cat, and then it was suggested that there was too much repetition, so I … Continue reading

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This is a kind of cactus flower. Although in the cold New York winter, it is still beautiful blooming because the greenhouse gives it a good growing environment. The greenhouse not only shines good sunlight on the cactus, but also … Continue reading

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Favorite photo

1/320sec at f/4.9 iso 5000 I like how he looked toward to the hat. It gives a relationship with them.

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I like the double exposure of the flowers. the side light made the detail of tomentum.

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I like the angle of the chair that gives a gross position. And the light went through the chair.

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The photo I chose was Suzanne Stein’s Times Square from New York City Street Two. Stein photographed people on the streets of New York. It seems to mirror the life of the New Yorker, but there are so many differences … Continue reading

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