May 8 – Week 12 – Digital Darkroom Review, Local Corrections, and B/W

To all we will start with a review of the Lightroom workflow covered on March 20th.

Week 12 – Digital Darkroom – Global Corrections

Then look at local corrections:

Week 12 – Local Corrections

And lastly, try several of Lightroom’s methods for converting images to B/W:

Week 12 – Black and White

Next week, May 15th is an optional class. It is not required. Due to the pandemic, our class lost two sessions and this will be an optional make up. We will review the semester in preparation for the quiz on May 22. We will look at and give feedback on each student’s final project.

Final projects are due May 22.

The second group of 30 photos are due May 15th whether or not you choose to attend the class that day. This is so I have time to offer feedback on your images before you present on May 22.

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