Business Letter to
Tsuen Wan, NT
Hong Kong

Dear Fabrice Douillard,

To start off, I’m quite fond of your website as it allows me to easily search and import games from Japan and Hong-Kong. I’ve considered using it for a very long time now after simply window shopping and decided to purchase a Japanese Nintendo 3DS at a reasonable price and reasonable shipping. The problem starts when I finally received the product. It was defective and I couldn’t send it in to Nintendo since they don’t handle customer service across borders.

I think the way your company handled the customer service was horrible. You guys actually asked me to make a youtube video showing the problem because you didn’t believe me? What sense does that make? Not only that but I actually had to pay $60 shipping just to return it, when I had already paid $250 just to receive a defective product. I asked for a direct exchange but you insisted on sending it to Nintendo for repair, which isn’t fair. I don’t want a repaired 3DS, I wanted a brand new working on. That is a horrible way to handle this situation and all I received were standard responses with no room for negotiations.

I am sending this letter to tell you that I will not be using this service anymore until I receive at least a refund for the shipping to hong-kong. Paying $60 for something that wasn’t my fault is highway robbery.

Thank you,

Fitzpatrick Phillips

Business letter

1085 Gerard Ave.

Bronx, NY 10452


Sept. 16, 2012


Larry Page

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043


Dear Mr. Page:


I write this letter to show my gratitude towards you and your company. I am a big fan of Google and all of the services it provides. The search engine alone has been a game changer not just for me but for most of internet users in the world. Also an amazing email service that allows user to even make phone calls through the internet. This are just some of the many things you have done which I think have made the internet more user friendly.


I first realized how helpful the Google search engine during high school. During this time I had to do a lot of research for my school work and Google was a very important asset. Later came Gmail; Gmail replaced all of the other email services I used. To this day I have all my emails forwarded to my Gmail account because there I have a reliable services that wont fail me. Once I started attending college write papers was a very common things. At first I used to use Microsoft Word as most student would; however, you need to buy the software. You guys changed the way I wrote, shared, and archived my document with the introduction of Google Docs. This great service allowed my to write my papers and share them with my classmates/professors from the same web page. Not only that also allowed my to convert and documents into the format of my choice.


Once again I thank you and your company for what you have done. I’ve also noticed that you guys do anything you can to not only improve what you have done but also the internet as whole. In addition, I wish for you guys to be around for a very long time.




Luis Rijo


Business Letter to Cablevision

Optimum Online, Cablevision

164 20th St #1

Brooklyn, NY 11232

(718) 788-0372

Fitzpatrick Phillips, Manager


September 16, 2012

Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick Phillips,

I am a Optimum’s customer since a good time until today. I am writing this letter to  express special appreciations towards the service that was provided to me last week after I recently moved to a new apartment.

One week ago I moved to a new apartment, after notifying the customer service about my  plan, very intelligently, they appointed me a day for uninstallation. With respect of time, the technicians came and did all they had to do in order to disconnect my whole system. Gently and with respect they came once more to my new address then made all the installations in a very short amount of time. They even took their time to explain me certain details that I should understand which will allow me  to fix things by myself in case of  a problem and before I contact the customer service. The installation went very smooth and quick.

Once again I want to thank you for your good management and for the service that Cablevision is providing to all its customers while being sincere each time. I am actually enjoying watching television, using the phone without forgetting the fast Internet that is offered in one package for a very affordable price.

Yours Sincerly,

Fabrice Douillard



business letter


Tim Cook, CEO

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014


Dear Mr. Tim Cook,

I am a long time Apple customer starting from when you had Macintosh computers. I have always been satisfied with the products your company sold until now. Your latest product which consumers have been long awaiting, the Iphone 5, is a complete duplicate of the Iphone 4. Your company has not fulfilled its promise to revolutionize the next generation phone.

We as customers and supporters of your company were expecting something different. Your business strategy might be great for business, but it is not fair for us. We pay hundreds of dollars and feel so overwhelmed when your latest products come out, and Apple fails to live to its reputation. The camera for instance, is still the same and hasn’t gotten any better. The 8 megapixel camera was on Android phones long before the Iphone finally got it on their devices. The phones are finally on a 4G network, but the internet is still slow and I personally see no difference since I am an everyday web user. The battery life is supposed to get better, but I still end up losing charge in the middle of the day. Apple needs to understand, if we have a phone that does so many things like play games, listen to music, browse the web, and multitask on the phone, that we will definitely take advantage of all this. They need to give us a long lasting battery.

Why should we make your company rich if we are not profiting ourselves at the end of the day? Your job should be to give the consumers what they want. Samsung has successfully done that and that is why a lot of customers have switched mobile devices. I still haven’t given up on you and believe you can make this happen. I am not looking for compensation, but do expect better from a company who I have supported and watched grow for many years. I hope you don’t continue to disappoint.

Yours truly,

Mohammed Alam

632 Ocean Pkwy

Brooklyn, NY 11230


Information – Intro

Information is mostly being send and receive through the network, which is always convenient for being faster and more reliable. There are many ways to write down information but I believe that is always better to write as simple as possible so that way the receiver will understand it better. I also believe that the internet is the best way to send information since you can send it to long distances unlike the phone that you are only able to send it to local places.

There are ways to call or send information through a phone internationally but at a great price. That’s why I believe that the internet is more reliable and cheaper.


How i like to make my PB&J sandwich (Revised)

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich or PB&J is a sandwich, popular in North America, that includes a layer of peanut butter and either jam or jelly on bread, commonly between two slices, but sometimes eaten open-faced or with one slice folded over.

To enjoy this delight, you will need the following:

  • 2 slices of bread (Good for one sandwich)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly or Jam( Grape Jelly preferred)
  • Spreading Knife
  • Spoon
  • Toaster
  • Dinner Plate
  • Kitchen knife

Take 2 slices of bread and place in the toaster slots for about 1:30 minutes. This should make the bread hard so that when you put the peanut butter on the bread, it won’t break.

  1. Place the heated slices of bread on a plate. Open up the bottle of peanut butter and take the spreading knife.
  2. Take the peanut butter on the spreading knife from the bottle and spread as much as you can onto one piece of bread until the whites of the bread are covered with peanut butter.
  3. Place the covered bread on a plate and put away the spreading knife.
  4. Open up the grape jelly jar and take a spoon to put jelly on the second slice of bread.
  5. Take some jelly and spread it around with the bottom of the spoon. When the whites of the bread are covered, place the slice on top of the first slice that is covered with the peanut butter.
  6. Dispose of the spreading knife and spoon in the sink.
  7. If you like the sandwich the way it is, you are ready to eat. If not, take a kitchen knife and cut in half diagonally or vertically and you have yourself a sandwich ready to eat.
  8. Dispose of the kitchen knife carefully because it is sharp.