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Biology Open Education Resources

OER @ City Tech Biology

Open educational resources (OER) are free and (re)distributable teaching materials. This site is a sponsored by the Ursula Schwerin Library to select and curate resources for use in General Biology 1. This was extended to include Molecular & Cell Biology through the U.S. Department of Education Title V Grant, “A Living Lab“. In the spirit of remixing and redistribution, the entire WordPress site can be downloaded from GitHub as well as customized imagery (https://github.com/jeremyseto/bio-oer).

Table of Contents

The NYCCT General Biology 1 Lab will follow the sequence below:

II Chromatography

III Chemistry of Water

IV Biologically Important Molecules I: Carbohydrates & Lipids

V Biologically Important Molecules II: Proteins & Nucleic Acids

VI Quantitative Determination of Proteins

VII Enzyme and Energy

VIII Membranes and Biological Transport: Diffusion and Osmosis

IX Cellular Energy

X Photosynthesis

XI Cell Division

XII Principles of Gel Electrophoresis

XIII DNA Fingerprinting

XIV Genetics

XV Hardy-Weinberg and Population Genetics Simulations