SOMOS el Futuro

On Friday, March 24th through Sunday, March 26th I had the incredible opportunity to attend the SOMOS el Futuro Caucus where I was provided the opportunity to attend various Conference’s, participate in the 2017 New York State Model Senate Project and also attend the evening Gala with Elected Officials.

In addition to myself, students were also invited to attend the collegiate summit which was an opportunity for them to attend/participate in the following activities discussing issues affecting higher education, career development, goal achievement, careers in corporate America and growing STEM fields!

Being provided with the fortuity to meet with Legislators and express to them the importance of funding higher education made me appreciate my institution and all that it has to offer much more.

Also, being surrounded by students whom want nothing but the same as I and more is even more inspirational. What makes things even brighter is that we all come from one University known as the City University of New York.

I encourage all who are currently enrolled in a CUNY school or and school to get involved! Join student organizations and/or free programs. These opportunities will be slim once you graduate and although other doors will open during that time, more can be opened if you expand your horizons now!  

Life at Sea (Part II)

Docked back onto the ship and took the most relaxing nap. Until I was woken up by the ship rocking. That evening I went out to the Comedy Show with a group of friends of mine located at the back of the ship. All you felt was the ship rocking. The night was long and uncomfortable but the next morning I was able to wake up in the beautiful island of St. Thomas. Took a tour of the island in addition to visiting their cleanest beach. As the days went on I visited three additional islands.

My favorite part of it all was being able to visit different islands with individuals I met on a ship. We became a family. Especially your stewardess aka ‘Housekeeping”. It amazed me how every time I went back in my room my bed was made and I always had fresh towels. And every evening when I will go back in my room there would always be a towel animal made.

Below are some pictures from my trip. My experience cruising was the best! I encourage everyone to go on a cruise. The best way to travel to many islands at once!

During my cruise I stopped by the beautiful island of Turks & Caicos. There I had the amazing opportunity to go zip lining! One of the things on bucket list for the past three years now! I was so excited but nervous at the same time. Climbing up high obstacle courses and zipping through a long line across the shore gave me this rush feeling.
I climb up the first three obstacle courses to get to the top where the zip line was. Zipped through a long zip line to realize that I still had three more obstacles to climb to zip one last time. At this point I was restless but there was no giving up there. I had to move forward in order to get down and in my case, to let the others go by. I zip through the final chord when I got stuck in the middle. Just about everyone’s fear. Stuck in the middle of a zip line, miles and miles above ground. Luckily one of the employees got me and pushed me to the end.

people standing on the platform of a zipline

Life at Sea (Part I)

This year I had the amazing opportunity to go on a cruise. Despite the wonderful thoughts of visiting islands and not having to fly on an airplane I still felt skeptical about the travelling by sea for seven days! Many of my friends have been on cruises before and shared their experiences with me. Confronting my fears saying that you’re so preoccupied with what you’re doing that “you don’t even feel the ship moving But! There is one day that the ship rocks a lot and you feel it. I even saw the juice in my glass moving.” So much for not being afraid huh?

Day one was the easiest, my friend was right, I didn’t even notice when the ship took off! The entertainment cast was doing their thing at the top deck, getting everyone amped up for 7 days of cruising. With free food all around the deck I thought to myself “well I guess this is not so bad after all”.

The evening came and the nightlife had just begun. With movie night screening in the outdoors on the top deck and a comedy show commencing hours later prepped you for that evening. Later on they had game shows and even a club you could attend.

The next day was a ‘day at sea’. Wondered to myself “how am I going to enjoy my day on a ship.” Woke up and got breakfast, later on went to the “adult retreat” and tanned for a bit. And by the afternoon I was out on the op deck in the jacuzzi watching the live game show with the entertainment cast. Two o’clock hit and I was already at my fifth drink! “This is the life” I thought to myself.

The next day I woke up in the beautiful island known as the Dominican Republic. Visited some historical landmarks by the ports and even got to visit a beach in Puerto Plata, Unfortunately my time there was short but the next  day I was arriving at St Thomas at 8am!
To be continued ….

Central Park – Ice Festival

Interested/appreciate ice carving? Well here’s an event for you!

Next week, Saturday, February 11th from 3:00pm – 7:00pm, Central Park will be hosting their sixth annual Ice Festival. Artist from the Okamoto Studio will be present using materials such as electric chain saws, chisels, and “picks” to over six thousand pounds of ice replicating statues around the park!

This event is FREE of cost! That’s right, you get to see artist carving ice live for free.

Fun Facts:

  • Ice carving originated during the Middle Ages when the wealthy hosted extravagant meals/banquets displayed sculptures made out of not only ice but also fruit.
  • Ice Sculpting is considered a Cultural Olympiad event in the Olympics!

I look forward to following up and informing you guys on how the event went! If you’re interested in joining me on this adventure let me know!



The City of Brighter Lights

Continuing on from my previous blog post last week, New York is in for some major things this year. Starting with the opening of Phase 1 of the Second Avenue train station and next “lighting up the bridges and tunnels”.


New York, known as the Empire State of Mind but also the city of bright lights is in for a even brighter future! By the end of this month … now … the bridges across the city will be lit in bright colors representing different holidays/events and more just as the Empire State Building does!

bridge over water with light reflections

Image taken by: Jen Chung


Governor Cuomo’s New York Crossings project includes the seven – (7) MTA operated bridges in addition to the two -(2) tunnels and the George Washington Bridge which is operated by both the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.. With cities like Jacksonville Florida, whom already have lit bridges.


Below you will find a youtube video with a clear demonstration on the state’s plan.


bridge over water, lit in blue

Photo taken by: Sherri Jackson


NYC 2017 – Phase 1: 2nd Avenue

After years and years of discussion, Phase 1 of the 2nd avenue line is now in affect! Probably the best New Year gift New Yorkers across the City received this year. Expanding the “Q” line to 96th Street.

Once the project is complete, it will consist of a service that will expand transportation 8.5 miles along Manhattan’s East Side. From Hanover Square (Lower Manhattan) to 125th Street.

To know that plans for this train line have been discussed since the 1930’s makes me even more appreciative of being able to use this service. After reading an article in the New York Times, about a woman saying “We were young,” said Ms. Shea, now 93. “We thought it was going to happen. It took a little longer than we thought.

I havent visited the stations as of yet however I look forward to seeing the project as a whole be completed. It is about time the East Side expands and has more means of  public transportation, excluding buses.

To be continued …

Bucket List

Seasons Greeting and Happy New Year to all!

As we enter the new year I know many of us may have some New Years resolutions. As a blogger, mine are indefinite but I’ll keep it short for my readers.

First is, visiting the new second avenue train station! A project that was in the works long before the birth of my parents! Growing up and always hearing about the station being built and seeing the construction workers at work had me always anxious and waiting for the day it it’ll open. And it is here now!

Next is, visiting the freedom tower! The tallest building in not only New York but also, the United States of America. I’ve heard that the iconic view in the tower is to die for!

Furthermore, I would like to take a painting course. As someone who isn’t very artistic, I’ve always wished I could grow and learn more in that “field”. My appreciation for it all stems from my artistic friends in my life always able to paint/draw anything you ask them to. It is also a great stress reliever. Something us college students need more of.

I am looking forward to this new year and sharing my experiences of my adventures with you all!

Tis’ the Holiday Season

Tis’ the Holiday Season. Living in NYC you get to experience the Holiday Season with decorations and snow. Whether it’s going to see the windows on 5th avenue, the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center or going ice skating, there’s always something to do in the city during the Holiday Season.
But i’m here to inform you on something else to do during this season in the city that is FUN and FREE. That is, site seeing the Christmas Lights at Dyker Heights. This previous Saturday I had the opportunity to site see the Christmas Lights at Dyker Heights. It was a different experience. As someone who lives in an apartment building, I am not accustomed to being surrounded by houses decorated from head to toe with lights.
It was beautiful to see the gorgeous lighting on each house but also surprising to hear the amount of money invested in these decorations. Could you believe that people spend $20,000 or more to decorate their homes. But I guess it makes it better is that these homes are worth 10 million dollars or more!
Below are some photos taken when I went along with a link with more details.

National Day of Healing

With the National Day of Healing just one day away (Thursday, November 15th at 12:30am) I would like to encourage everyone to continue utilizing the resources on campus. Some may or may not know that City Tech has a Counseling Office. Although election season is over, it is apparent that many are still shaken up from it.

City Tech is made to be a safe haven to all students and #PeaceatTech will continue to be spread. We want everyone to know that #YouAreNotAlone. When you may feel like things are not going your way or people aren’t hearing you out or maybe you’re just going through some personal issues, remember that City Tech is your sanctuary. There are plenty of resources here to help you succeed and flourish.

Remember to come out tomorrow from 11:30am to 12:30pm for the “National Day of Healing Event” at Borough Hall. ALL students are encouraged to attend. Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams will be present along with Chika Oneyjiukwa, the Chairperson of the University Student Senate.

National Day of Healing

With the Holiday season currently in “session” you can find people being jolly and happy very often. But this season is also difficult for a large group of people, for example those who lost a loved one.

Next Thursday, December 15th from 11:30am to 12:30pm a Professor from St. Francis College by the name of Andrea Andrews will be hosting her second annual “National Day of Healing” event at Brooklyn Borough Hall. This will be time for individuals to come together and reflect, taking 5 seconds (12:00:00pm-12:00:05pm) to send the message “you are not alone”. If you’re unable to attend the event, wherever you are, at exactly 12:00pn on this day, gather in a group or participate as an individual!

I encourage all that can attend to attend this event. Especially in a time that we are living in today with conflicts and racial slurs constantly being brought up, we all need to reflect and remind each other that they’re are not alone even when they feel they are we are all one.