Life at Sea (Part I)

This year I had the amazing opportunity to go on a cruise. Despite the wonderful thoughts of visiting islands and not having to fly on an airplane I still felt skeptical about the travelling by sea for seven days! Many of my friends have been on cruises before and shared their experiences with me. Confronting my fears saying that you’re so preoccupied with what you’re doing that “you don’t even feel the ship moving But! There is one day that the ship rocks a lot and you feel it. I even saw the juice in my glass moving.” So much for not being afraid huh?

Day one was the easiest, my friend was right, I didn’t even notice when the ship took off! The entertainment cast was doing their thing at the top deck, getting everyone amped up for 7 days of cruising. With free food all around the deck I thought to myself “well I guess this is not so bad after all”.

The evening came and the nightlife had just begun. With movie night screening in the outdoors on the top deck and a comedy show commencing hours later prepped you for that evening. Later on they had game shows and even a club you could attend.

The next day was a ‘day at sea’. Wondered to myself “how am I going to enjoy my day on a ship.” Woke up and got breakfast, later on went to the “adult retreat” and tanned for a bit. And by the afternoon I was out on the op deck in the jacuzzi watching the live game show with the entertainment cast. Two o’clock hit and I was already at my fifth drink! “This is the life” I thought to myself.

The next day I woke up in the beautiful island known as the Dominican Republic. Visited some historical landmarks by the ports and even got to visit a beach in Puerto Plata, Unfortunately my time there was short but the next  day I was arriving at St Thomas at 8am!
To be continued ….

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