Life at Sea (Part II)

Docked back onto the ship and took the most relaxing nap. Until I was woken up by the ship rocking. That evening I went out to the Comedy Show with a group of friends of mine located at the back of the ship. All you felt was the ship rocking. The night was long and uncomfortable but the next morning I was able to wake up in the beautiful island of St. Thomas. Took a tour of the island in addition to visiting their cleanest beach. As the days went on I visited three additional islands.

My favorite part of it all was being able to visit different islands with individuals I met on a ship. We became a family. Especially your stewardess aka ‘Housekeeping”. It amazed me how every time I went back in my room my bed was made and I always had fresh towels. And every evening when I will go back in my room there would always be a towel animal made.

Below are some pictures from my trip. My experience cruising was the best! I encourage everyone to go on a cruise. The best way to travel to many islands at once!

During my cruise I stopped by the beautiful island of Turks & Caicos. There I had the amazing opportunity to go zip lining! One of the things on bucket list for the past three years now! I was so excited but nervous at the same time. Climbing up high obstacle courses and zipping through a long line across the shore gave me this rush feeling.
I climb up the first three obstacle courses to get to the top where the zip line was. Zipped through a long zip line to realize that I still had three more obstacles to climb to zip one last time. At this point I was restless but there was no giving up there. I had to move forward in order to get down and in my case, to let the others go by. I zip through the final chord when I got stuck in the middle. Just about everyone’s fear. Stuck in the middle of a zip line, miles and miles above ground. Luckily one of the employees got me and pushed me to the end.

people standing on the platform of a zipline