Academic Self-Discovery:Fashion Marketing

Have you ever wondered what career field is responsible for bringing attention to new clothing departments and fashion trends? We’ll if you have the answer is fashion marketing. When most people think of fashion marketing, usually think it is only about the advertising. To get consumers curious or eager to purchase products and new lines yet, there is more to this career path. The field of fashion marketing covers a wide variety of positions. One can work as a fashion buyer, customer service representative, retail store owner, visual merchandiser, retail manager, manufacturer’s representative, operations manager, marketer, advertiser, and more. Those interested in this field not only should have an eye for fashion but also business skills.

If the path one chooses to follow under the umbrella of fashion marketing is fashion buyer they have a chance of traveling. Traveling the globe to identify new trends before deciding which lines to purchase for a retailer. Depending on the size of the store you work for, you may be responsible for purchasing many types of goods, including shoes and accessories, or you might only handle one area, such as formal wear. In this position, you would work closely with designers, suppliers, and marketers to ensure that the lines you buy would maximize profit for all parties.

An associate’s and bachelor’s degrees are available in fashion fashion marketing. Having either of these degrees could help one find entry-level work in the fashion merchandising and marketing field. Many of these degree programs focus on practical, hands-on skills and offer students the chance to complete high level projects, obtain internships, or study abroad in the fashion capitals of the world.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

The Cooper Hewitt is a modern design museum on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. From the outside, it looks like Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters from X-Men, but on the inside, it looks like an old-fashioned mansion with little touches of futuristic technology. I was there for a class trip, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use the experience for a future blog post. It’s very small, and very technology heavy. Upon entering and purchasing a ticket to the museum, each visitor gets a digital pen. These pens are used to save your favorite exhibits to your own personal collection. This collection can be viewed online after entering a code that’s unique to everyone’s ticket. This is done by using the digital pen to touch the description of exhibits or rooms in the museum. This is what I touched during my visit. There are also several touch screen tables that allow visitors to create digital designs using the pen. Here’s this weird building thing I made on one of the tables. My favorite part of the museum was the “Immersion Room.” This was by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, I would like to go back to the museum just to play around in this room again. There’s a touch screen table with two projectors pointing at the walls. The tables allow visitors to draw wallpaper designs live, and project them onto the wall. It doesn’t sound so exciting reading about it, but actually creating in that room is one of the coolest experiences a person could ask for. If you ever have a chance, this museum is a must-visit place for creatives and explorers alike.

an ornate hallway inside the museum, with visitors

One floor inside the museum.

people drawing on a digital drawing table

Digital drawing table.

a digital pen/entrance ticket in a man's open palm

My ticket/digital pen.

people drawing on and photographing a digital drawing table

The amazing Immersion Room.

a woman drawing on a digital drawing table

My Spring Break Adventure Continued

a plate of different styled sushi

Image by: Brianna Vasquez

The spring recess had somehow provided us with this exceeding lot of time in which we were able to essentially do whatever we wanted, while enjoying spending time with our grandmother. But as we walked through the crowded streets of Manhattan, our hunger began to build and eventually we were looking around for a decent place to eat. Being that we were trying to make the day as eventful as possible for our grandmother, we began deliberating the type of cuisine that we had wanted to eat. Our grandmother eventually said how she had never tried authentic sushi, she explained that she had wanted to at least try it once…to acquire the whole experience. Because we had been vegetarians for so long, it did not truly allow for us to eat exotic dishes like that of sushi or some readily recognized comfort food such as fried chicken. It kept us to a strict diet of fruits and vegetables as well as the incorporation of all sorts of different sources of protein such as legumes, vegetarian meat substitutes, and endless amounts of tofu. So over the years, we had gained such an appreciation for the Asian culture as it had aided so much in our lives as vegetarians. But sushi was an uncharted territory, there is no such thing as tofu sashimi or a spicy tofu roll…sushi was an unknown that had never been divulged.

So here we were looking for sushi in what I consider the heart of Manhattan. My sisters began a yelp search looking for the highest rated sushi restaurant in the area. And finally we landed on a place…one that was only a short walk away. We were on our way to eating sushi, our grandmother was elated…she was finally going to try sushi for the very first time. When we arrived at MI-NE Sushi Totoya, we were seated by the bar as we did not know that for this particular restaurant, we should’ve made proper reservations. But the staff was so attentive in explaining the menu and giving suggestions. We all enjoyed the sushi…we each made our own selections and then shared it all so we could try everything. The funniest part of the whole sushi experience was how much my grandmother struggled with using chopsticks. She tried her best to hold them properly but she always seemed to drop sushi because it was too difficult to carry the single roll from the plate to her mouth. But we encouraged her and told her that it takes lots of practice which only means she needs to eat a lot more sushi.

After that delicious dinner, I couldn’t wait for what was next on our culinary adventure which would be dessert. Although, it was a time to relish in the relaxation of spring recess…to spend quality time with my grandmother, it became so much more than that. I was able to share new cuisines with her as well as new foods and that was far more special.

Humans Of City Tech

“The skills, gifts and potential of City Tech students is considerable. Finding, exploring and sharpening those abilities involves focused engagement and the active development of talent while in our First Year Program (FYP). I’m really fortunate to work with outstanding faculty, staff and students to help so many students.   I have a professional passion to help FYP students as they will become leaders in our community.  I’m also lucky to train and oversee so many amazing student peer mentors who assist in the growth and development of our programs that catapult careers and generate campus leaders.”

a smiling woman at a desk in a blue button-down shirtIlia Silva

Union Square Park

When I was around the age of six, I picked out my very first favorite place in Manhattan. It was the first time that I can recall myself creating an instinctual memory of a place; that I knew how to get there from home and what it was called. It wasn’t so much of the architecture that made me like the space so greatly, it was this feeling of the surroundings; like everyone was important and we were all connected. Bias of race, gender, or culture played an inferior role in this particular environment; in fact, New Yorker’s differences were highly embraced and even emphasized. To my young mind the place was my own version of kid-heaven; pets, books, music, diverse cuisine, and other shops were all within walking distance from each other; it was fun, challenging, and I always went home with something new. Although I would loudly and quickly state that my architectural taste has gotten more refined from my childhood, somehow I always find myself in my old favorite spot, Union Square.

The origin of the name, “Union Square”, comes from the Commissioners’ Plan of 1811. Which was a very detailed plan of the roads, streets, and avenues of Manhattan that we still use today. The plan was completed with the help of John Randel, a surveyor, who joined the project in June of 1808 and worked on the development for the next thirteen years. Throughout the years of observation, the creators of this plan coined the name by explaining the intersection of Broadway and Fourth Avenue (previously known as Bloomingdale Road and Bowery Road) which creates an irregular square that no one wanted to build upon so it was decided to make the space a public park. The area was then utilized for social assemblies and trading. The space was formerly called “Potter’s Field” and was later changed to better fit the social aspect of the area; making a union between both roads and people.

The Union Square Park that we know of, officially opened on July 19, 1839; the roads paved, paths created for foot traffic, and the landscape planted to suit the people.

By the 1870’s the Ladies’ Mile shopping district began to form which was a term to describe the long strip of commerce, art, and theater that lined the streets from Union Square Park to Madison Square Park that is on 23rd street (which I mentioned in a past post for the Flatiron Building that resides juxtaposed the Park).

Throughout history Union Square became a meeting space for people to voice their opinion; whether it be in the form of a speech, protest, or gathering. This is the place that people met with each other to show support and respect. In 1861 about two hundred-fifty thousand people gathered on the Square to show their respect after the fall of Fort Sumter (notable Civil War sea fort); this would be the largest gathering of its time. This aesthetic didn’t depart from New York approach. After 9/11, New Yorkers gathered here in response to the crisis; it showed a large caliber of support and condolences; for some time, it was known as a grieving area.

As I walk through Union Square Park now, I still feel the same vibe that I fell in love with as a child. Music, dance, and other artistic performances taking place on the regular; almost as if something is always happening and if you don’t experience it, you are destined to feel an acute absence of what could have been seen, felt, and cherished.

Morphous by Lionel Smit. A South African sculptor who got his piece to be displayed in Union Square from June 13, 2016 to April 30, 2017.

This Sculpture was made with bronze like the Statue of Liberty.

Virtues from Motherhood: All things bloom in the spring

If you’ve been outside in the last ten days you’ve noticed that the weather has begun to get warmer, trees are blooming and tulips are waking from their winter slumber. If you’re like me you’ve looked in the mirror and realized just how much you missed the warm breeze and sunshine, so I’ve made a pledge to not waste a moment of it. Earlier this month I went to the highline with Ava and my best friend, Mariah. Although I’ve been there before this was the first time I was there when the shops and food vendors were up there and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety and delightfulness of the treats.

After visiting the highline I started scavenging Facebook and twitter for other public parks or spaces that have vendors, like the ones in Prospect Park or Williamsburg. Before the weather gets to sweltering to tolerate I want to get lost in the small treasures of this city, with Ava, and show her all the city around her has to offer. I’ve posted about my love for wandering the city before but I want to give that to Ava as well because one day she might look for things right in her own backyard.

Sometimes in the haste and bustle of our every day lives we forget to stop and smell the flowers, admire the skyline or even taste a street cart treat. I’m on the cusp of turning 27 (next month) and as my 20’s near their close I want to start making memories that last, experiencing things I hadn’t before. Though I’m learning age is just a number, as is time, none of us are immune to father time and one day we won’t be so fortunate to be able to walk 20 city blocks on a whim or take the steps to the subway 2 at a time.

So in the meantime, I challenge you to stop and look around, look at the flowers, stop in a new coffee shop, get off the train a stop early and check out the mom and pop shops in the area or just treat yourself to a take out goodie.

Academic Self-Discovery: Careers in Psychology

Psychology is a science that studies the mind, behavior and focuses on a myriad of topics. Some include understanding certain aspects of life, treatment of psychological disorders and how experience/surroundings can affect individuals. Almost everything can be viewed through a psychological perspective. Things like the states of consciousness, social psychology, the different ways of learning and even the interpretation of dreams. It is for this reason that research and theories are tested.

During my time at City Tech I have taken three psychology classes. The first one was Introduction to Psychology which informed me of the background and theories of the field and made me aware of some concepts. The second, Child Psychology made me look deep in myself and past to identify what attachment style I had and how my upbringing influenced the person I am today. And finally, pyschology of Adolescence and Adulthood in which I did service learning to go out into my community and help those that were less fortunate.

If you happen to be someone intrested in biology, sociology, understanding the brain and behavior, a career in this field just might be the one for you. There’s an extensive list of psychology careers that people can choose from. Careers such as Military psychologist, Physical therapist and Child abuse counselors. Programs and degree paths are available so make sure to do some research on the ones that spark your curiosity.

Thank you for reading. How is your academic self-discovery going? What cool career paths have you found or intrested in? Feel free to let me know.

My Spring Break Adventure

two adjacent cups of bubble tea

Image by: Nadine

Now, it is the last few weeks of the spring semester and while many are preparing to take their final as well as completing a couple last assignment before the summer break is officially here. Although, school has been on a recess for the past week and a half, school is now back in a full swing of things. I thoroughly enjoyed the spring recess by visiting many places in the city. Manhattan has such a vast amount of restaurants and shops that you can literally travel the world by just walking a few blocks. My grandmother had expressed her deepest desire of wanting to spend time with me and my sisters over the spring break. While we were struggling to figure out what we should do…going to Manhattan was the best bet. It had become a place that you can essentially do anything…there are so many activities to partake in…the choices are endless.

With my being in the hospitality management major, it has helped me to become more culturally aware and to gain a better appreciation for different cuisines all over the world. My grandmother was eager for whatever we had planned to do as long as we were spending time together. I think what most people do not realize is that New York really is a haven for everything; it just needs to be sought out. As I get older, I find that I only begin to appreciate New York City that much more, I am able to understand how great the city truly is and why so many people visit here. We finally decided to take our grandmother to one of the many places we used to readily visit when we were younger…one of the best spots in Manhattan…Union Square.

And the one thing that I absolutely love doing is trying new food but this time, it was my grandmother’s turn. We decided to take her to Asia for two days, every single thing that we ate was Asian inspired. Our first stop was bubble tea…my sisters and I have become lightly addicted to bubble tea which is Taiwanese and not just any bubble tea but Vivi’s Bubble Tea.  So we decided to take our grandmother there in order for her to experience it as well. She ordered the ginger milk tea with bubbles and I ordered the honeydew milk tea with bubbles while my sisters respective ordered the tiramisu slush with bubbles and Thai milk tea with bubbles. My grandmother loved the tea but wasn’t too fond of the bubbles. The bubbles that are used in the tea are actually boiled tapioca pearls. They are boiled in brown sugar and water then afterwards they are slightly cooled and can be added to the tea. My grandmother was not a huge fan of it but she did love the tea as she has always loved tea. She was a good sport about it even though the bubbles were not a favorite of hers. All in all, it was a great first stop on our trip. But the adventure seemed to have continued, and I couldn’t wait for what was in store next.

The Dream House

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were looking for random places in New York City to explore. After some online research, I stumbled across a place called “The Dream House.” It was a little bit sketchy, there wasn’t a lot of information, and the concept was hard to understand, so of course we went. We were very surprised, weirded out, and kind of interested in what we found. The Dream House is an interactive art installation that takes place on the top floor of a small building in SoHo. The closer we got to finding this place, the sketchier it seemed, but it’s completely legitimate. It’s a public art installation that gets it’s funding from New Yorkers who visit to keep it alive. So it’s free (but be nice a tip a little if you end up going). To get to the point, it’s just a giant room that continuously plays a loud white noise. The windows are covered by color gels, and there a colored spotlights hung up on the ceiling, so the room is an intense pink/purple color. The experience was weirdly relaxing, all you do is sit, lie down, sleep, and/or meditate. There were a handful of people in this room all doing those things. Visitors aren’t really supposed to talk or take pictures, but I did both. Although, laughter isn’t really talking. My friend and I weren’t laughing in a mocking or disrespectful way, we were laughing because we really didn’t know what we got ourselves into. But the experience was really memorable, nonetheless, and that’s all that really matters to me. I actually wouldn’t mind again, it feels like a whole different dimension. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures with my DSLR camera, so I snuck a few with my phone. These photos are completely unedited, but they stay true to how unique the experience was. Their website has some more information.

people on mattresses in a purple-lit room

pink-lit windows in a purple-lit room people lying down on carpet in a purple-lit room

Humans of City Tech

“My name is Elsabeth maximin I am a freelance makeup artist located in Brooklyn, NY. This all started from when I was in middle school and someone put eyeliner on me and I came home and my sister started yelling “mommy Elsa has on makeup” I thought I was going to be in big trouble but when my mom saw me and didn’t care I don’t think she realized the storm that was coming. So I started to use money that she gave me for makeup and that was a big mistake because of my carribbean background my mom didn’t play that. The money she gave me was for food and food only she told me “nah bodda waste my hard earned money on crap” so this taught me how to get my own so I used the little bit of makeup and practiced and practiced being self taught from YouTube and really little of makeup it was hard but I pushed myself and learned because I was always a creative person taking visual arts and photography in hs wearing my creations on my face was one thing I would love to do. Eventually I got to a point where people started asking me to do theirs and my first client was one of my close friends but it was a start of something much bigger I did her makeup for her sweet 16 and it started clientele for me I posted the picture of her makeup I did and other people wanted me to do theirs also. Over time I got a lot better and was doing people’s makeup and got jobs to feed my makeup addiction. Now I have a full collection in my vanity at home. So I didn’t want to stop at just doing people makeup because I felt I was a little limited when clients come in very few give you creative control depending on the event they have they they have a certain look they want to go for and I have always had dreams of starting a YouTube channel being taught from those videos so after years of saying “im Gonna do this” I finally invested in it I said if I’m going to do this I’m going to put my best work out there because this is a representation of me and I bought all the equipment and started on filming my graduation makeup it was a look I named Egyptian but crease which now has over 1,000 views on YouTube starting my YouTube channel has given me massive amounts of confidence and pushed me as a creator looks that I have done for YouTube I would have never tried on a daily basis I have looks of turning myself into a crazy cute clown with ripped cheeks yet she looks so innocent, I turned my brother into scar from lion king, I also do wearable looks so anyone from beginner to makeup junkie can enjoy my channel and I’m so glad that I have because it’s the thing that makes me the happiest in this world without makeup without my YouTube channel putting my content out into the world for anyone to see and not being scared of what anyone thinks seeing me with no makeup at the beginning to full face at the end and feeling beautiful with it without that’s the confidence I got from doing this and I don’t know where I would be without that.”

a young woman in a gray sweater, in front of colorful flagsElsabeth Maximin

Photo by: @rasheed