Happy Halloween

an illustration of a scary castle

Tomorrow is Halloween!!! Time for trick-or-treater’s, dressing up, horror movies (check out Hocus Pocus), and to be scared out of your mind.

Not sure what to do? Well here are some haunted houses you may want to check out if you have time.

1. Headless Horseman in Kingston, New York features a haunted hayride, corn maze and 10 haunted houses. It’s been ranked America’s #1 attraction by Hauntworld.

2. BLOOD MANOR returns with a depraved appetite for gore and a twisted thirst for blood, in the same creepy location, 542 West 27th Street (between 10th & 11th Ave). With louder screams, scarier dreams and more thrills for each moment in its fun filled darkness, BLOOD MANOR makes your nightmares come to life.

3. Times Scare is New York City’s only year round haunted attraction. This state of the art haunted house has been built in the same rooms which years ago were stalked by one of the east coast’s most notorious killers. A killer who claimed a victim in the very venue! Now, if you dare, groups are taken on a one of a kind tour through this cutting edge haunted experience that is guaranteed to scare even the bravest of visitors… possibly to death!

So be safe, enjoy, and try not to eat to much candy!!!

The End To Historic Season for NYCFC

Well if you didn’t know about NYCFC (New York City Football Club) you are really missing out but don’t worry it’s New York’s soccer or football (as the majority of fans prefer to call it) team so it will always be there.

Seeing them play for the first time was one of the best moments in my life, building up to the game I could feel the excitement in the air among the fans. Finally March 15, 2015 on game day everything exploded, the atmosphere was electric as NYCFC fans rushed into Yankee Stadium’s gates to witness history. You could have tell that New Yorkers haven’t been this enthusiastic for so long, everybody had excitement written all over their faces. Once I got inside, the stadium was packed, a record number of more than 43,000 fans were there for the historic home opener. I was overwhelmed by the energy throughout the stadium, It’s not something you see everyday, that thousands of people are gathered in a stadium cheering for a team for the first time ever.

Many wondered if fans were going to constantly come for other games throughout the seasons, but me I knew they would have show up because for many of us supporters NYCFC is more than a team it is a big family. What make the experience so great and worth going back over and over to Yankee Stadium, are the fans. Soccer fans are one of the main reasons that make soccer the best sport and most popular in the world. The atmosphere at the games is what keep bringing more and more people, it’s something you definitely have to witness. Yankee Stadium haven’t been excited for such a long time, but now the fans are lighting the place up every single game.

The love that I have for NYCFC, made me take a role as Zeusnycfc as a way to be more than a fan and actually support the team in more active way. Every game I have a lighting bolt in my hands ready to strike the opponent team when they pose a serious threat to NYCFC. It is all fantasy of course, but many fans love the idea and enjoy seeing me in the bleachers being as Zeus supporting NYCFC. NYCFC fans like me are just happy that New York City finally have a soccer team that we can cheer on every week. Every game we pack Yankee stadium and the atmosphere at the game is magical. I experienced 7 months of excitement, love, hope, courage, and made me proud to call myself a true New Yorker. So as long as Yankee Stadium is the place for me to see NYCFC play, I will love it to the core and consider it as my second home.

a stadium fieldYankee Stadium – The Bronx


a stadium field with a crowdYankee Stadium – The Bronx


a stadium field with a crowdYankee Stadium – The Bronx


a stadium field with a crowdYankee Stadium – The Bronx


a stadium field with a crowdYankee Stadium – The Bronx





Pain is temporary

a card that says "Pain is temporary"

“Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour or a day, or even a year. But eventually, it will subside. And something else take its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever.” – Eric Thomas

“There were several tremendously difficult times in my life when I was ready to call it quits. One time that I can recall that everyone can relate to is during my time in City Tech. I was taking 6 classes during the summer and the work load was extreme. There were days I would only get an hour or less of sleep. Wake up, write a report, study math, and other class work for two months straight but I kept telling myself this quote. Pain is temporary, because I knew that at the end of all the pain is the success I need.”

Name: C. S. Jones
Age: N/A
Major: N/A

Looking Up

Its amazing how all living things has similar characteristics as to humans. Like a dog when he’s sick, he sort of behaves like us humans; gives you the sad face, less movements. You get the picture right?

Trees, they also are similar to human beings. We both need oxygen to survive and water and sunlight. Without these necessities survival is impossible. By now you should understand how important they are to our everyday lives. Needless to say, these trees can be so beautiful when blossoming as well as falling; the leaves that is. The colors it produce are magnificent. Even its trunk and branches can have some interesting texture, shapes and sizes.

To say this, the next time you step outside, look at a tree. No! I mean really look at it. You may find something really interesting about it.


fall tree leaves

“Ideology separates us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.”  Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY 5:31pm

-Eugene Ionesco


fall tree leaves

“Tress are poems the earth writes upon the sky.”  Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY 6:03pm

-Kahlil Gibran


a large tree

“And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs tour course.”  Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY

-Kahlil Gibran


fall tree leaves

“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.”  Bushwick Brooklyn, NY 11:53am



fall tree leaves

“A tree lives by its roots. Change the roots and you change the tree. Change the trees and you change the forest.”  Flatbush Brooklyn, NY 1:55pm


A Piece of Cake

In this modern age of desserts, we have become in awe of the creations that can be made with just a few wimple ingredients that can create edible masterpieces. With shows like Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes, we were shown just how special cakes can become with intricate detailed work that can impact the lives of many others. As many of you already may know, I want to be a pastry chef. I am also extremely fascinated by the concepts of specialty themed cakes. Many techniques that are used can be implemented even for home bakers to surprise themselves in making their own specialty cakes. Although the ingredients and recipes are simply, it essentially is based on the intricacy and articulation of each item produced.

There are so many variations of themed specialty cakes that make each one even more valuable due to the time that was spent to put it all together. Each cake has its own secret that makes it possible to make it a timeless work of art.

Fondant is the most used product in specialty cakes as it creates a template for the cake, it can be purchased already made or can be homemade. It is like a pliable sugary dough that is used to cover the cake to create a smooth texture or appearance. It can be colored and applied as needed depending on the intended design.

ramen noodle cup made out of cake

Image by: Sasa


an inside look at the ramen noodle cup themed cake

Image by: Sasa

Rice Krispy Treats are used for structure as it is sturdier to build with as it will stand well. It is very pliable but after it hardens can keep its shape. Modeling chocolate is better than fondant for this reason because it has more stability as it hardens where fondant stays in a somewhat pliable stage, if it hardens especially by extreme cold it will eventually crack whereas modeling chocolate will not. Modeling chocolate is simple made by melted chocolate and heated corn syrup which is then allowed to set before use. Isomalt is the boiling of sugar and water to make a glass candy look. It is usually used to make the appearance of coral reefs (if colored), ice, or glass.

a themed cake of beers being iced in a wooden bucket

Image by: cliffordcakes

Finally, there are gravity defying cakes that can be difficult to understand in terms of its production but it uses inedible pieces in order to make it possible. Usually, items like balloon sticks or PVC will be used to have a greater sense of structure and can vary based on the weight of the cake and the piece that needs to defy gravity as the choice of structure must be able to hold the piece up without the threat of falling or crushing the cake.

a topsy-turvy themed caked of towering sweets

Image by: Avalon Yarnes

Specialty themed cakes, although they may be beautiful, are complex and need a lot of thought in order to bring it all together. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend the CUNY CUE Conference and preceding the event, I went to the meeting to discuss some ideas with the OpenLab’s The Buzz. I thought it would be fitting to bring a cake but I wanted it to be epic and evoke the sense of CityTech pride that would still cater to the meaning of the event.

a themed cake of a coffee cup and a tablet

Image by: Brianna Vasquez

With the help of my sisters, I was able to create a beautiful cake although the perfectionist in me only saw the imperfections of the cake, everyone was amazed. My sisters and I were relieved as we had put in so many hours to complete the cake that the positive reaction was worth every second of frustration and dedication to fulfill the potential of the cake we had wanted to create.

Donald Trump For President……?

Donald Trump making an angry face

When Donald Trump first announced he was running for president, many people, myself included, laughed it off as some joke. No one really believed that he stood a chance. Well, it looks like us doubters may soon have to eat our words.

Twenty-two percent of Caucus Republicans said Trump has a 50-50 shot at becoming the Republican nominee; the same percentage said he has a 30 percent chance at winning. The rest of the respondents were divided, with the majority saying his odds are still less than 50 percent. But more than 8-in-10 GOP respondents said those are better odds than they gave Trump a month ago.

Can you imagine a world where Trump is president? Honestly, the thought alone scares me. Whats more horrifying is the fact he is being supported by so many people. How can a man that has put down numerous cultures and women, actually be doing so well? What does this say about these people?

If by some chance Trump is elected president, then Canada here I come!

Throwback October

October is one of my favorite months of the year, there’s many things to do in October and the weather is still pleasant outside for a good part of the month.Arguably one of my best activities is taking photographs, thus with that being said I have taken many photos during October in many different parts in New York City with the purpose of exposing the different aspects and unique qualities of October. Those qualities that makes October the unique month that is varies from drastic changes in weather, the calm but vibrant atmosphere at distinctive times and the variety of events and activities attributed to the month of October.

an archway on a bridgeManhattan Bride – Manhattan


people in Central Park structure, in black and whiteCentral Park – Manhattan


a seagull flying in front of a city shorelineGantry Park Plaza – Queens


a purple sunset over a city skylineBrooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn




My Favorite Places For…

So I’ve been discussing a lot about my favorite food blogs, my favorite places to eat, my favorite foods to eat and hopefully you’ve enjoyed that. However, I haven’t told you where’s my favorite place for dessert, my favorite place for brunch, my favorite place for pizza, my favorite place for a burger, and the list can go on and on and on.

Today I want to share with you my favorite places for:


sweet potato fries

I’ve been going to STOUT since I was about 21 years old and it’s never failed to disappoint. STOUT is an Irish pub and it’s original location is on West 33rd Street and Avenue of the Americas. They have an array of menu items I enjoy, but I always enjoy their burgers and you can different toppings to it. The burgers are massive, juicy, and delicious and their sweet potato fries are  amazingly delicious so I guess that’s a +1 for me.


four sushi dishes

I really like the ambiance, service, but most of the all the sushi from Samurai Fusion Sushi. They are beautifully plated and neat. They also come in a variety of sushi rolls. Their rolls are always made to order and absolutely fresh. I can’t seem to find any other sushi that is as good as the ones from Samurai Fusion Sushi.


a tray of soups and other dishes

So it’s pretty apparent that I love ramen especially in this chilly weather now. I’ve been to a lot of Japanese and ramen restaurants in the past four years, but the one place I will always love to go for ramen no matter how crazy it can be is: Santouka at Mitsuwa. It’s the first place I’ve ever been to have real and authentic ramen. They don’t have that many broth/varieties to choose from, but the ramen and broth here are full of flavor, deliciousness, and hearty!

Ice Cream

ice cream cones

One of my favorite places for ice cream is Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. It’s been around for a long, long, long time and their service and ice cream never disappoints. I always enjoy coming here during the warm weather and it is always packed here! My favorite flavors here are: almond cookie, lychee, pumpkin pie, and green tea! So good, rich, and tasty!


two glasses of iced tea, and two food dishes

I absolutely adore doing brunch with my boyfriend, friends, and family. One of my favorite places for brunch so far is: Cafe Luluc which isn’t so far from City Tech actually. I found out about this little French restaurant on Yelp last year and have been here a few times so far. The food here are rustic, classic, simple yet so delicious and irresistible. They sure know how to make some good Eggs Benedict!

So these are just some of my favorite places to go for certain foods and I do have a lot more I can list, but you can always ask me yourself what do I like and where would I go for it.

Where do you like to go for a good burger, pizza, sushi, brunch, coffee and etc?

See Forever

Last year, I promised myself to visit three of New York’s Skyscrapers- Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and One World Trade Center at least within six months. I’m happy to say, I accomplished them all however I’m still not sure which one’s my favorite. All of their views were spectacular but most of all the One World Trade Center had me in complete awe through out the whole visit. Its 360 view of all the boroughs is amazing. New Jersey is like the next door neighbor(lol)

Fun facts about the One World Trade Center: It stands 1,776ft, without the spire its total height is 1,368ft- this was the exact height of the twin towers. Design as 104 floors but the tower actually contains 94 stories. Floor 100-102 is the 3rd story Observatory deck.

the top of a skyscraper as seen from the ground “Keep looking up, the only thing on the ground is your feet.”  One World Trade Center Manhattan, NY 6:18pm


a sunset“Don’t dream your life, live your dreams.”  One World Trade Center Manhattan, NY 8:06pm


a city shoreline at sunset“:Until you get comfortable with loosing everything you will never attain the joy of having everything.”  One World Trade Center Manhattan, NY 8:12pm


aerial view of a city“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”One World Trade Center Manhattan, NY 8:20pm

-George Edward Woodberry

aerial view of a city on a river“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.”  One World Trade Center Manhattan, NY 8:26pm


the outside of One World Trade Center at night“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”  One World Trade Center Manhattan, NY 9:15pm

-Napoleon Hill

Out and What Now?


two young men kissing

Milan & Miles uploaded to Instagram (string rights) by Milan Christoper

Two weeks ago I sat in the studio audience for Love and Hip Hop (LHH) Hollywood. Several of us was at first confused to the exact taping. Was this the reunion? Was it now to be part of LHH New York? As more people started to join in we saw our host, T.J Holmesof abc news and Princess, girlfriend of R&B star Ray J. They started playing a, then, never before seen snipet of an episode showing Miles, a Hip Hop artist on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. We was in awe? watching Miles “come out,” or in other words reveal to his love ones that he has been sleeping with someone. I teared at the hurt he subjected his hopeful ex-girlfriend and best friend, Amber, to. Some of the audience members was even kicked off the set for their lack of tolerance.

a rainbow pattern

Marriage Equality by Gthomasbower using CC BY-SA 2.0

Throughout the continuation of our intimate studio setting, which included LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) and straight legends and up-and-comings from everywhere. This included Hip-Hop/R&B artist, producers, directors, actors, actresses, activist, and preachers.  There was a conversation mainly pin pointed about being out in Hip Hop for men and females and being impacted by their decision and of those around them. There was several points I agreed with and many points I didn’t. However, the whole time so many other thoughts came to my head. I remembered “outing” a then close female friend of mine in elementary school; I remembered being apart of the Gay and Straight club in High school and helping to fundraise and lead talks; and I remembered being in the Straight in Gay Alliance my first year in college and going to Washington, DC wearing my American Apparel prop 8 shirt to march for equality. But now I became conflicted.

Was not this what we were fighting for? Now, I see commercials where strong male body lifters were subjected as females; I love to watch the Netflix series Orange is the New Black which shows jailed females with various sexual orientations, I twerked to Fly Young Red’s objectifying gay video “Boy *u*sy,” I applauded Caitlyn Jenner for loving her truth, yet I judged Taye Diggs for

a young man wearing glowing make-up

Taye Diggs as Hedwig on Instagram with sharing agreement

admitting to love women’s cloths and wearing glittery black nail polish on the Wendy Williams show, and wanted Yung Thug to expose himself,  and I question whether this agenda is more than the acceptance of my non-straight and arrow brother and sisters.

I am always one to say sexual orientation is a joke and that you should be with who ever you feel comfortable with in your legal rights. Are we finally getting what we hoped for from the US and the media (controlled by the rich), aceeptance of the LGBT community? Or is this just a plot, an agenda of the rich trying to halt reproduction of the human race to limit population. Is the media trying to implant in our children to like the same sex, even if they weren’t born with the hormones and thoughts of those who would normally like the same sex. Is the media exploiting the tv watchers because they know the LBGT community is vast and they want to continue to get rich and make it seem like a platform is being created. I am glad I marched on Washington for a reason, same-sex marriage is legal Nationwide, but was that just to get taxes out of the LGBT community too.

Questions to the audience: What do you think? s it a platform or a hidden agenda? | is this a distraction? | Are females who dress like males accepted as much as males who dress like females? | Can someone like someone of the same sex without being assumed they are less masculine or feminine?

*** Check out http://www.vh1.com/shows/out-in-hip-hop/ I see BIg Freedia a transgender bounce star isn’t even wearing what she had on, she looks more like a man now. *** And don’t forget to watch the episode tonight on VH1. I’ll be sitting in the upper left hand corner.

#BlackLivesMatter includes our Black LGBT community

Black Lies Matter protesters

Black Lives Matter by Miguel form noncommercial reuse