Donald Trump For President……?

Donald Trump making an angry face

When Donald Trump first announced he was running for president, many people, myself included, laughed it off as some joke. No one really believed that he stood a chance. Well, it looks like us doubters may soon have to eat our words.

Twenty-two percent of Caucus Republicans said Trump has a 50-50 shot at becoming the Republican nominee; the same percentage said he has a 30 percent chance at winning. The rest of the respondents were divided, with the majority saying his odds are still less than 50 percent. But more than 8-in-10 GOP respondents said those are better odds than they gave Trump a month ago.

Can you imagine a world where Trump is president? Honestly, the thought alone scares me. Whats more horrifying is the fact he is being supported by so many people. How can a man that has put down numerous cultures and women, actually be doing so well? What does this say about these people?

If by some chance Trump is elected president, then Canada here I come!

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