The Magic of Luster Dust

a cupcake covered with fondant flower painted with luster dust

Image by: SmallThingsIced

In the process of cake decorating, there are a vast variety of tips and tricks that are readily utilized in order to create an edible masterpiece. Cake decorating can be quite artistic in the way that it is constructed and how it appeals to those who view it. The eye appeal of a cake is one of the most important and satisfying parts of creating a complex cake. There are so many techniques that are used to allow for the most elaborate and whimsical cakes to be created. Think of the most amazing cake you have ever seen and slowly deconstruct it in your mind, piecing together how each part was sculpted, crafted, and created through tedious hours of production. Yet, you can almost envision the work that was put into this beautiful edible creation to simply exist. Still, the process is amazing in the intricacy and the precision of every decoration that adorns the cake, but each part is most likely constructed separately before being putting placed on the finished cake.

Luster dust is widely utilized in the confectionary world as it aids in the color appearance of that specific dessert whether a chocolate based candy or the fondant that is on a cake. Still, it is a decorating essential that is not widely or readily known but it has such a beautiful way of improving the quality of the dessert’s appearance. Luster dust is an edible powder that is used to decorate in order to create a shiny sparkle once it dries. The gold and silver tones are the most common ones that appeal most to bakers. But it is offered in a variety of colors from sparkly to matte tones. It is an amazing way to highlight certain accents to elevate the finished look of the baked goods.

chocolate getting covered in gold luster dust

Image by: Robert Ouimet

Usually a container of luster dust comes in a small amount as it is typically used sparkly as a little can be stretched out to last for painting many baked products. In order to use it effectively, the luster dust must be dissolved with the help of an alcohol solution whether it be orange extract or vodka. The alcohol solution ensures that the moisture in the luster dust will eventually evaporate once it dried on the baked product that it was applied to while water and other liquids will make it sticky and dull so it is not recommended. Once the luster dust has dissolved and is thoroughly mixed, it can then be applied onto the baked goods by way of a small brush used to paint. The application of luster dust can be used in many ways as just an accent or as an entire base color to beautify the look of the baked goods.

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