National Day of Healing

With the Holiday season currently in “session” you can find people being jolly and happy very often. But this season is also difficult for a large group of people, for example those who lost a loved one.

Next Thursday, December 15th from 11:30am to 12:30pm a Professor from St. Francis College by the name of Andrea Andrews will be hosting her second annual “National Day of Healing” event at Brooklyn Borough Hall. This will be time for individuals to come together and reflect, taking 5 seconds (12:00:00pm-12:00:05pm) to send the message “you are not alone”. If you’re unable to attend the event, wherever you are, at exactly 12:00pn on this day, gather in a group or participate as an individual!

I encourage all that can attend to attend this event. Especially in a time that we are living in today with conflicts and racial slurs constantly being brought up, we all need to reflect and remind each other that they’re are not alone even when they feel they are we are all one.  

One thought on “National Day of Healing

  1. Amanda, this is beautifully written. I will unfortunately be unable to attend due to my class schedule but it sounds like a lovely event. I think many do not fully understand that while the holidays are suppose to be a happy time, for those who have lost a loved one or are facing other issues aren’t motivated to be in a jolly holiday spirit. This National Day of Healing sets that precedent though everyday for some becomes a day of healing.

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