To The New York City College of Technology 2017 Graduates….

“What is that sound?” I mutter to myself, quietly. I ponder what it is as I reluctantly pull myself out of my short slumber. My eyes slowly open as I immediately wish that they would close but I force them to remain wide, awake, and alive. With sleep casted on my eyes, I blindly reach for my phone. “Snooze or Dismiss?” I ask, as if it were an actual question. It’s 5:30 am and I know that my day won’t be done until ten o’clock at night so I continue to debate with myself for a few more seconds upon what I should choose. By default my phone snoozes and I know that I have five whole minutes to dismiss the alarm before the annoying sound reoccurs. There I sit at the edge of my bed waiting for some mystical inspiration to strike me and make me feel one hundred times more energized than I currently feel but it doesn’t. So I conclude that I won’t go to class since I’m too tired and have too many tasks to complete today. I lay back down until I realize that I NEED to go to class today so I sit back up and ponder my thoughts once more before the alarm rings again and I realize that I just wasted five extra minutes of sleep fighting with myself whether to get out of bed today.

This is just one instance of the many struggles of college life and throughout the long days and six hour lab classes for however many years, it is finally over. For the first time in a long time, you can finally feel stress free of homework assignments, midterms, finals, and all the exams/quizzes in between. So bask in the glory of completion because you deserve it. You’ve earned it through the years of non-stop work, last minute essays, the printers wearing themselves out after countless hours of continuous use, and moving through entire days without eating a substantial meal due to an excessive time crunch.

Graduating marks the end of an phase in life for some, in which you learned more than the lectures in class, readings from countless textbooks, and assignments that shaped your craft. In addition to all those wonderfully useful things that you learned, you also learned even more about yourself by proving to yourself that you are determined to get everything your heart desires.

As the next chapter in your life begins, rejoice in what you have done, plan what you do now, and enjoy everything that you do next.

So on behalf of the Buzz Team, congratulations to everyone who finished on a fixed income, came here from a different country, raised kids while getting a degree, worked part-time, worked full-time, worked two jobs, worked three jobs, had to care for family members, and everything in between. We are so proud of you and applaud your achievements.

We thank you for giving the students of New York City College of Technology inspiration they need so they can also reach their goals.

May greatness proceed…

SOMOS el Futuro

On Friday, March 24th through Sunday, March 26th I had the incredible opportunity to attend the SOMOS el Futuro Caucus where I was provided the opportunity to attend various Conference’s, participate in the 2017 New York State Model Senate Project and also attend the evening Gala with Elected Officials.

In addition to myself, students were also invited to attend the collegiate summit which was an opportunity for them to attend/participate in the following activities discussing issues affecting higher education, career development, goal achievement, careers in corporate America and growing STEM fields!

Being provided with the fortuity to meet with Legislators and express to them the importance of funding higher education made me appreciate my institution and all that it has to offer much more.

Also, being surrounded by students whom want nothing but the same as I and more is even more inspirational. What makes things even brighter is that we all come from one University known as the City University of New York.

I encourage all who are currently enrolled in a CUNY school or and school to get involved! Join student organizations and/or free programs. These opportunities will be slim once you graduate and although other doors will open during that time, more can be opened if you expand your horizons now!  

The Buzz Family Thanks You!

We would like to thank our new readers who came to our table today. Both Jean-Luc and Sabrina had a great time meeting you all as they explained The Buzz and Openlab (as whole).  We hope that you guys will someday be as passionate about OpenLab as we are and find it as a really great resource for college or post-college uses. With City Tech being a public college, we don’t get many chances to be a part of the collegiate whole and this site is for all of us to virtually be in the same space; to get to know one another, help each other, and network ourselves.

So please, explore The Buzz and get acquainted with us as we, you.

Welcome, readers!

Live Entertainment

This summer I attended my very first concert .. but it wasn’t your ordinary concert in an arena setting, it was at an outdoor stadium! I went to see one of my favorite “electronic duo” artist. It’s that funky music that gets you up and in a good mood. The atmosphere was filled with young hipster looking individuals that didn’t seem to care about anything but enjoying their time.

a large concert crowd

I recommend anyone who has never been to a concert to do so! It doesn’t even have to be a famous artist. It’s more about being surrounded with hundreds of people who have a common interest as you in an artist and their music. Also, who wouldn’t enjoy jamming to LIVE music?

Now I know concerts could be pricey, even for the “underground” artist but if you set aside $10 a week in a jar, you can reach that goal soon enough. For now, I can recommend you to attend a FREE not concert but Talent Show!

This Friday, Student Government is hosting their 5th Annual Spotlight – Talent Show in the Voorhees Theater from 6pm to 10pm. With 20 contestants on the program showcasing their talents in dance, rap, singing, step, spoken word, and more! Come out and see the talents your fellow peers have!

Although it is not a concert with artists performing their songs, it is a composition of various forms of live entertainment that you may enjoy.

a flyer for a talent show called "Spotlight"

Diary of A Former Nomad: My America

Post-it notes on a white tiled wall

Silent Protest – Union Square NYC — Photo Caption: Samantha Pezzolanti

I had a blog planned for this week. I was going to tell you of my story and how I adjusted to my life being here in America but with everything happening now I don’t think my adjustment period is over. I think it’s just beginning. As a woman of color who came to this country searching for a permanent place of comfort and peace I find myself lost. I have so many questions, I am confused, hurt, angry, numb, and discouraged. I don’t know where I stand in a country which seems to stand against everything I am.

Those of us who wanted a different outcome stand dumbfounded because it seems that in the same week where we turned the clocks back an hour, we turned history back 200 years with preachings of hate and intolerance. It’s been one week since women, immigrants, muslims, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community lives hang in the air. We stand in disbelief that we are once again being forced to fight for rights we marched, cried, and shed blood for. It’s been one week and we cannot adjust to the words. It’s been one week and we cannot adjust to the pain and ignorance. It’s been one week and we are still waiting to wake up and realize it’s only a bad dream– but it’s not and this is now the America we must face. So how do we adjust to this new reality?

I say we don’t. I say we fight. I say we care for each other like we never have before. I say we use our words and craft to stop these radical changes. I say we educate our communities and sign every petition we can. I say we stand by one another. I say we love each other, support each other, and remind one another that together we stand. I say we speak for the rights of each other. I say we tweet, comment, share, and like positivity. I say we be Americans because to be an American once meant to be the best, to be a leader, to be accepting, helpful, and strong. Let’s be that! Let’s not adjust to a hateful country. Let’s accept and grieve this period of our history, but let it be just that; a day in history that did not break us.

I advocate to everyone feeling powerless by this change to speak up. To share your story because no matter what may change, our speech is still a freedom they can never take from us. Remember that I am here for you. I accept and love every single one of you and there is nothing that could change that. Until next Wednesday remember to be kind to each other!