Bucket List

Seasons Greeting and Happy New Year to all!

As we enter the new year I know many of us may have some New Years resolutions. As a blogger, mine are indefinite but I’ll keep it short for my readers.

First is, visiting the new second avenue train station! A project that was in the works long before the birth of my parents! Growing up and always hearing about the station being built and seeing the construction workers at work had me always anxious and waiting for the day it it’ll open. And it is here now!

Next is, visiting the freedom tower! The tallest building in not only New York but also, the United States of America. I’ve heard that the iconic view in the tower is to die for!

Furthermore, I would like to take a painting course. As someone who isn’t very artistic, I’ve always wished I could grow and learn more in that “field”. My appreciation for it all stems from my artistic friends in my life always able to paint/draw anything you ask them to. It is also a great stress reliever. Something us college students need more of.

I am looking forward to this new year and sharing my experiences of my adventures with you all!

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