National Day of Healing

With the National Day of Healing just one day away (Thursday, November 15th at 12:30am) I would like to encourage everyone to continue utilizing the resources on campus. Some may or may not know that City Tech has a Counseling Office. Although election season is over, it is apparent that many are still shaken up from it.

City Tech is made to be a safe haven to all students and #PeaceatTech will continue to be spread. We want everyone to know that #YouAreNotAlone. When you may feel like things are not going your way or people aren’t hearing you out or maybe you’re just going through some personal issues, remember that City Tech is your sanctuary. There are plenty of resources here to help you succeed and flourish.

Remember to come out tomorrow from 11:30am to 12:30pm for the “National Day of Healing Event” at Borough Hall. ALL students are encouraged to attend. Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams will be present along with Chika Oneyjiukwa, the Chairperson of the University Student Senate.

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