Project 2: Reflection

Time goes fast, we’ve already finished two projects for this semester. In this project, I’ve learned about juxtaposition, we walked around our campus to find our juxtapositions. Also  Colson Whitehead’s book “City Limits” has give us some ideas of juxtapositions. I like the way we’ve learn by walking around city first. I feel like this is useful to help me understand the project. For this project, I think I need to prove comment skills. By ‘peer to peer review’ part, I’ve read a lot of amazing works from our classmates. I feel like that they are all good so that I cannot leave a comment objectively.  Their works help me to get the points of our projects which are pretty useful.  I’ll still work on my works of project 1 and 2 to make them  much better. One more thing is I”m trying to post every work on time and be in class on time.

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