1. Cupola
2. Tumultuously
3. Powwow
4. Riotus 
5. Querulous
6. Calceolaria
7. Impertinence
8. Rendezvous
9. Pilfer
10. Camphor
11. Spigot
12. Shawl
13. Serenading
14. Savage
15. Regalia

When reading, whether it is a newspaper, a book, manga, etc, I tend to come across words I don’t really know about. I think what does this and that mean? When or how should I use this word in real life? Later on however, I tend to ignore it and make my own definition based on context clues but I guess based on the SATs from the past 2 years, I shouldn’t have done that. Now that I’m in college, I should be using more complex words in my work. This now brings me up to this assignment. This glossary assignment did in fact help me improve my vocabulary. Not only that, I can improve it further just by looking back at the other classmate’s words. By doing this, I also did something that I haven’t done before and that is to stop reading and look up the definition online. By doing this, I’m now guaranteed to know what the word I’m looking at means. Not only am I implementing this strategy in this class, I’m also using this as I read other writings. For example, if I’m reading something online and I see a complicated word, I would stop reading and look it up online. It may seem like a hassle however it actually helps. To sum things up, this Glossary project helped me a lot when it came to vocabulary and it helped me improve my reading skills. The strategies I use will definitely be used in the future.


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