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Cover Letter

As i tried to find an image for part 2 of project 2 by searching google i didnt find exactly what i was looking for. Instead i found alot of images i wish i could erase from my memory. So then i decided to just draw. In my eyes as i repeat for me, it wasnt so bad. I actually had lots of fun putting my idea onto paper, i was able to finally put my 2 year olds colored pencils to use. Which now he wont stop saying mommy lets color.

While doing this project’s Part 2 i was able to relax unwind and do some coloring. After every week stressing trying to get work done on time, this project let me be creative in another way.


Part 1: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosens2015fiction/?p=2088

Part 2: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosens2015fiction/?p=2082

Project #2 Cover Letter

As I finished the first part of project #2, to be honest, I couldn’t find anything I was proud of.  Just by looking at my part 1 and the struggle to complete part 2, I could see, unfortunately, I didn’t put a ton of work into it. With my computer engineering class projects/labs and two math course test/finals, throughout the semester, I felt like I had to focus on those classes first, leaving this Introduction to Fiction class as my last priority. I thought I would be able to complete this project to my liking and enjoy doing it, as I did with project #1, but the stress from my other classes and my time management kind of made any chance of it happening for project #2 difficult.

Cover Letter

In the first part of the project, I am most proud of putting my work together and explaining why certain things may have happened in the novel due to Beloved’s return and behavior. However, I felt that I was stuck many times while working on this project. At first I couldn’t figure out what scenes had a large impact in the book. After figuring out which scene I wanted to use, the most challenging part was expressing myself by interpreting and analyzing the quote in order for others to understand.

In the second part of the project, I was proud that I was able to connect my major by making an html file to show my creativity. I was able to make a connection between my literature and computer programming class. However, this was a challenging part for me too because I struggled when it came to figuring how to relate the two. The most struggling part of it all was trying to make my slideshow work on open lab. Due to this, I was unable to play or use my slideshow for the project. I also felt that my idea on creating an image was not clever or inventive. Unfortunately, I had to create a new image which was a collage of things that I thought described the novel Beloved.

The new skills I have or tools I acquired through this project is breaking down a quote into steps to explain it. I have not mastered this technique yet but I am striving to become better at it. I also learned that there is always a way to relate one area of study to another area, for example using my major to create an idea for my project. If I was able to change any part of my project it would be my collage, I felt that if I had more time, I would have a better inspiring photo and maybe figured out how to use a slideshow in WordPress.

One thing I have learned in programming is that there’s always a way do something because there is always a loophole. If I could change any part of Project #2 assignment, it would be part 2 because I have struggled the most in that part where I had the most difficulties. I would probably want to write a continuation to what I think what could’ve happened in the novel or answering the unanswered questions that were left in the book. I noticed for myself that when I write, I become a better writer and when I stop writing, I start to slack off because writing is my Achilles heel. I sometimes struggle about what I want to say and become unable to properly express my feelings.

Cover letter

Dear Professor Rosen,

I think the part that I’m most proud of is the creative part. As I mentioned in the curatorial statement, I was really inspired by the song that I chose. I have always loved that song, as it has always touched me on a very emotional level, and when I heard it, I  realized that it would truly fit what I wanted to say about the quote that I chose from Beloved and how it described  Sethe’s  emotions exactly how I felt that she must have been struggling with them. It truly felt inspiring to hear that song, and have it connect with another piece of literary art.

The part I found most challenging was picking the passage for Part 1. There were so many important moments that shaped the story line and Sethe’s life and choices. Picking the passage of her having her milk stolen was one that I found utterly devastating on so many grounds, and reading that part, along with her killing her child was extremely difficult to read. Part of me almost felt not capable of writing about how such an event could have shaped her life because the topic of rape and loss are so personal that you wonder if your words or interpretations are sufficient enough to cover the traumatization of such an event.

I learned how to play around with media using Keynote for Mac and after a lengthy conversation with someone from Apple. I realized how much I could do on Keynote for future projects.

I enjoyed the creative part of this project, and always enjoy creating with music, art or writing. I feel that when you delve into your own creative imagination you can realize things about yourself that you would not otherwise discover.

If I could have changed one thing about the project it would have to be the book. I can find the beauty in Beloved, but I would have preferred a different book.  One of my favorite books is the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini ,and its also a very heavy and powerful story, but a bit more clear and straightforward though it features mostly flashbacks.

As a reader, I found this class really informative on the types of narration and what symbolism can look like in a book. I noticed that when I started reading a new book not too long ago, I found myself asking what type of narration it was, and taking more time to really pay attention to details that I may overlook at times.


Cover Letter For Project 2

In completing this project there were a few challenges. In Part 1, I found it difficult to decide which scene to base my essay on. Not that it was difficult finding one, but it was difficult choosing one. There were multiple scenes that I believed were significant in the book. In this project I am mostly proud of the creative work from Part 2. Deciding another way to portray that scene was another difficulty. I originally wanted to create a poem and create concrete poetry with it, but it was challenging to get the lines of the poem in a meaningful shape. This was when I decided to just use a passage from the story in a concrete poetry shape.  This was an interesting way to take the gloomy scene of Sethe killing her child and putting it into another medium. A new skill that I have required in completing this project was the use of concrete poetry. Before this assignment, I had never heard of this technique. I felt that it was an interesting and powerful way to display text. Another skill is incorporating a quote into an essay using the five step method. I am truly pleased that Professor Rosen has introduced this to us. This method was a really great way to not only help the reader of my essay understand the quote, but helped me perceive it in a better way also. This was an interesting project, especially the creative part, which I enjoyed completing.


This project, like the last one was pretty challenging to do. Although we didn’t have to recreate the story, we pretty much had to think hard and look back into the story to reach the goal of this project.

What I’m really proud about in Part 1 of this project is the ability to use the 5 Step Method Professor Rosen taught us. It made organizing my essay much easier and to me, it played well. For Part 2, although it may seem simple, I’m proud of the haiku/picture symbolism. I thought pretty hard on how I would create it. I wanted something simple yet creative. In other words, I wanted to do something that no one did so far.

For Part 1, the hardest thing to do was to choose the quotes to back up my thesis statement. To others, this may seem like an easy task however, for someone who forgets the exact location of passages he reads, it’s pretty hard. I had to think hard and remember where in the story did they mention something that can back up my thesis. I even had to go back and skim through several chapters. For Part 2, the hardest thing to do was the haiku. 17 syllables is too little for such a large pivotal scene. I made about 10+ haikus about this before making my decision (with some help from my friends) to choose the haiku that can be seen in my project.

One big and useful skill I learned and acquired from this project is the implementation of the 5-Step Method for using quotes. I feel that it is something that I should remember and that it is something that I would use in the future. As I said earlier, it made organizing my essay much easier.

If I could change my project in any way, it would be to expand on Part 1. I feel that more events that related to my project could’ve been added. Thing is since I forget where events in the story occurred, it hindered me from being able to do this.

If I could change any part of Project #2, it would be similar to Project #1. The task would be to choose a pivotal scene and to change the story in a way so that your pivotal scene never occurred and the events that followed would be different. Pretty much recreate the story in a different timeline.

As I mentioned before, you may think for Part 1, “Oh he could add this and that…” however when reading a book of this caliber, I tend to forget the locations of some events so that limited me on what I could put. Other than that, this project was a good learning experience and was pretty challenging.

Part1: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosens2015fiction/2015/05/05/project-2-part-1-2/

Part2: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosens2015fiction/2015/05/05/project-2-part-2-4/

Cover Letter for Project #2

When I wrote this paper, I was wondering how was I going to write a 4-5 page paper on a book that I do not like. I was not really interested or excited about the text but I manage to bring issues in my thesis statement through a lot of research in the text and Internet. In this project, I am proud that I was able to formulate a thesis statement that was clear, understandable, and can be argued throughout my essay. Usually I am struggling to make a thesis statement when I am writing a paper, but in this project I had too many ideas bouncing around in my head. My thesis statement could have been a paragraph if I did not put any constraints on my ideas. The difficult part of this project was narrowing my thesis statement because of the many ideas I had. I had wrote so many ideas in my first draft of part 1 that I had to cut things out in order to keep the important things that would help me in aiding in my argument. Another challenging thing about this project was finding evidence from the text to support my argument. Although, I marked up my book and made notes, the language of the text was so off putting, so I had to continually go on SparkNotes to find out where certain information was located in the text and what a certain passage meant.

The skill that I required from doing this project is doing a better thesis statement for my essay. I believe this skill is going to be great in the future when I work in the legal profession because as an attorney you are supposed to formulate arguments in your case. Another skill I required is analyzing and interpreting passages from text. The five-step method from Professor Dever’s was hard to grasp at first but as I wrote my essay, I started to understand the concept behind that methodology. It made me analyze more in the evidence I was using to support my argument; something that I would never do. If I could change any part of my project, I would not change anything. After many revisions, I believe my work product is good and I am confident that it deserves a passing grade. If I could change any part of project #2, I would only include part 2 of the project because I got to be creative and I did not have to formulate a thesis statement in a structured paper. Basically, in part 2 I got to have fun. Lastly, I would consider changing the book and using a different text that is more clear, adventurous, and fun to read, so that students can enjoy writing about a book that they love.

Cover Letter

I believe that this assignment is a very interesting one. In part 1 I’m proud of picturing a scene and focus on its major aspects to analyse and express the importance of it and how the whole pathway of the novel would change if this particular scene didn’t happen. In part I’m proud to be exposed to a new tool of passing over a message using two different techniques (representing the characters in a form of a picture and describe the scene i have chosen the poetry.

The challenge i have encountered in both parts are pretty similar, in part 1 it was choosing the scene since the novel covers an infinite number of scenes. In part 2 is choosing the right and/or the most efficient tool to express the scene.

Poetry requires a specific skill to find matching words that contain deep meaning. First of all the words have to make sense and secondly they have to have a beauty that would make the poem understood and charming.

Overall, I have enjoyed this project a bit better than the previous one. Even though both projects are challenging and I consider them as a VERY HELPFUL TOOL to learn new skills.