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Project #2 Cover Letter

The part of this project that I think i did an accessional job on was the actual essay for part 1 because despite the fact that I was dreading to begin this project because I was not sure if I had enough to wright and was not familiar with the five step method in weighting either, but when I began to wright I just could stop. It was an easier assignment than I actually anticipated. I believe I had more than enough to say about the scene that I chose and I think that I executed the five step method fairly well despite the fact that I have never seen this method before.

The part that i found most challenging was picking the passage  and scene because there was so many important scene in Beloved that was very crucial to the story line of this novel. Also this was a very hard read to wrap around and get into the story. the wording that the author chose to use for Beloved was very confusing and this book was very graphic and traumatizing with some of the scenes.

I learned how to analyze a scene in greater depth and just stop to imagine how the rest of the storyline would have played out if just one scene was taken out of the story.

If I could have changes one thing about this project I would be the entire book all together. I did not enjoy this book. I the book was a little more interesting and easier to understand I would have enjoyed this assignment even more.

Cover Letter

As i tried to find an image for part 2 of project 2 by searching google i didnt find exactly what i was looking for. Instead i found alot of images i wish i could erase from my memory. So then i decided to just draw. In my eyes as i repeat for me, it wasnt so bad. I actually had lots of fun putting my idea onto paper, i was able to finally put my 2 year olds colored pencils to use. Which now he wont stop saying mommy lets color.

While doing this project’s Part 2 i was able to relax unwind and do some coloring. After every week stressing trying to get work done on time, this project let me be creative in another way.


Part 1: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosens2015fiction/?p=2088

Part 2: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosens2015fiction/?p=2082

Project #2 Cover Letter

Part 1: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosens2015fiction/2015/05/05/beloved-4/

part 2: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosens2015fiction/2015/05/06/project-2-part-2-5/

If i had to compare Project 1 with Project 2, I’d pick project 1 because i found it to be more enjoyable. In project 1 we had to retell a story of our choosing. I didn’t like this project to much because i wasn’t a fan of the book. I had a difficult time reading it, and i wasn’t thrill on how Toni Morrison ended it. This project was also a bit challenging. Project 1 was challenging as well, but project 2 was just a bit harder because we had to go into the book and flip through the pages to find the actual quote to back up our argument.

What i enjoyed the most about this project was the fact that i was trying something new. I’ve never done the 5 Step Method before. Instead of just jumping into the quote, i used the method and let the reader know that a quote from the book was coming up. Also what i liked about this project was part 2. I put up a picture of a Tobacco Tin Box because Paul D “hid his feelings in a tobacco tin box”. Although i considered the project to be a bit challenging, doing my project on Paul d wasn’t that bad. I say that because Paul D is a very important character to this novel. I argued that Paul D’s arrival was a pivotal point in this novel because he’s the reason Beloved even showed up in the first place. I say that because he ran off the ghost that was in the house. But overall from this project i’m happy i learned the 5 Step method.

I wouldn’t change a thing with this project if i had a choice, but had i been given the opportunity to choose another book, i would’ve taken that chance. As i said before, i wasn’t to thrill with this book. Although i didn’t like the book, i still think Toni Morrison is one hell of a writer. I think reading the book again would help me notice things i didn’t the first time reading it. Well to sum this up, although this project was a pain, i’m glad i got through it, especially since i had other papers to write so i was a bit overwhelmed and might not have put enough effort into this project as much as i liked to.


Claimed Cover Letter.

Project #2 Part 1:
Part 2:
The Tree of Slavery

Dear Professor Rosen,
Something I am extremely proud of for my project #2 is the artwork that I produced. I love the quotes that make up the roots of the tree. It comes to show that slavery is deeply rooted in the world that can not be seen from the naked eye. It comes to show the ugly parts of slavery that is no longer remembered.

The most challenging part of the project is finding the quotes that will support my thesis statement. From the beginning while reading the story I knew I wanted to talk about ‘claiming’ and ‘being claimed’. I had an idea of what quotes I want to use but it was extremely difficult looking for the specific quotes I wanted to use because of the timeline of the story.

Some new skills I acquired with this project is finding the deep rooted meanings behind the story and behind slavery. Sometimes it is a lot easier to just read the book and understand what has happened in the plot. When reading it slowly in order to truly understand the novel and what the author is trying to portray it takes more skills but it also brings a lot more satisfaction.

Something I may want to change about the project is probably focusing more on the artistic part of the project besides just writing the paper. It might be cool to do a presentation on this project instead of on another book that resonates with me.

As a writer, I love digging deep into the meanings of several quotes and finding out the meanings of it not only to myself but also to the author and other readers as well. Although I like to find these meanings and incorporate them in my paper, I have trouble putting my thoughts together in a coherent essay for my readers because I have a lot to write about.


My Cover Letter for Beloved by Keith Smith

My Cover Letter by Keith Smith


I really feel I have come a long way in looking at Fiction in a whole new way. Especially when I read “Beloved”. This was a book that did not hold my interest but because it was mandatory, I was able to really understand the author’s theme. In my Part 1, I was able to write a 1400 word essay talking about Halle’s not being in the barn and how it affected the entire story. I put in that essay a totally different way to tell the story. Halle would become a main character instead of a remembrance. His part would be great but at the same time probably would have not changed many parts of the story (Beloved’s death and Paul D.). I had to use some creativity which I am not very good at. I feel that was a plus. Creativity was the main ingredient in Part 2 of Project 2. I was also able to focus on my topic of Freedom. I had to search far and wide for a song or poem that really put my views in perspective. When I found what I was looking for, I had to learn a new skill of applying it to my Project. I have never used Powerpoint before and it took a while to mesh things together. I am really proud of how it turned out.

What was most challenging or frustrating was trying to find specific quotes to back up my first part of my project. A timeline book is very easy to dish out the quotes because I know where they would be at. But this book was all over the place in time, and I got fed up with reading the entire book over (or most of it) and not finding what I needed. In fact you may have done this but I don’t remember, but give the students a heads up on what to look for, like changing the storyline, and applying quotes to back them up. I did not know to do this until after I read the book. That was probably my fault though. Another thing that was very hard for me was trying to put a presentation together and it took almost the whole day to get it right. But the good thing is that now I know how to put a presentation together. I have always spoken well to sell something, or make somebody understand. But to be creative and put together creativity is definitely something I do not do well. I remember in my other class I needed to make a widget from LEGO, and it took weeks. But give me instruction I can do it right the first time. This is why I can ace Math and Software Programming because it is a science. The other thing about how I roll is that if I go to a class and the teacher teaches ( no matter what subject) I learn . My GPA is 3.87 over three years and the only classes I did not get an A in was because the teachers did not teach. Just figure it out was the themes in those classes, and I couldn’t. Please don’t personalize this it is not for you. What I learned on Wednesdays from you was really cool stuff. But Sunday Night/ Monday I had no clue what I was doing. Personally I think if you were in classes those days I would have learned a lot. That is because you are a great teacher.



This project, like the last one was pretty challenging to do. Although we didn’t have to recreate the story, we pretty much had to think hard and look back into the story to reach the goal of this project.

What I’m really proud about in Part 1 of this project is the ability to use the 5 Step Method Professor Rosen taught us. It made organizing my essay much easier and to me, it played well. For Part 2, although it may seem simple, I’m proud of the haiku/picture symbolism. I thought pretty hard on how I would create it. I wanted something simple yet creative. In other words, I wanted to do something that no one did so far.

For Part 1, the hardest thing to do was to choose the quotes to back up my thesis statement. To others, this may seem like an easy task however, for someone who forgets the exact location of passages he reads, it’s pretty hard. I had to think hard and remember where in the story did they mention something that can back up my thesis. I even had to go back and skim through several chapters. For Part 2, the hardest thing to do was the haiku. 17 syllables is too little for such a large pivotal scene. I made about 10+ haikus about this before making my decision (with some help from my friends) to choose the haiku that can be seen in my project.

One big and useful skill I learned and acquired from this project is the implementation of the 5-Step Method for using quotes. I feel that it is something that I should remember and that it is something that I would use in the future. As I said earlier, it made organizing my essay much easier.

If I could change my project in any way, it would be to expand on Part 1. I feel that more events that related to my project could’ve been added. Thing is since I forget where events in the story occurred, it hindered me from being able to do this.

If I could change any part of Project #2, it would be similar to Project #1. The task would be to choose a pivotal scene and to change the story in a way so that your pivotal scene never occurred and the events that followed would be different. Pretty much recreate the story in a different timeline.

As I mentioned before, you may think for Part 1, “Oh he could add this and that…” however when reading a book of this caliber, I tend to forget the locations of some events so that limited me on what I could put. Other than that, this project was a good learning experience and was pretty challenging.

Part1: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosens2015fiction/2015/05/05/project-2-part-1-2/

Part2: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/rosens2015fiction/2015/05/05/project-2-part-2-4/

Project #2 Cover Letter

The story “Beloved,” by Toni Morrison proved to be quite interesting.  I enjoyed reading the novel and was not surprised by the conclusion.  It was easy to relate to Sethe not thinking rationally about having her dead daughter who reincarnated live with her.  I can relate because many times we make mistakes and hope for a chance to fix those mistakes.   To Sethe this was her chance to make things right with her daughter and make her understand she killed her because she loved her.  For Part 1 of the project, deciding a pivotal moment in the novel was not difficult.  I am very proud of the fact that I was able to identify a pivotal moment and use interesting information to back up the main quote and the supporting quotes that I used.

Part 2 of project #2 was most challenging for me.  Although the story inspired me in many ways I had difficulty thinking of creative ways to depict that.  I choose to use concrete poetry.  I spent many hours trying to figure out how to do this creative method.   After figuring out how to convert my pivotal quote into a symbol, I spent some time trying to draw.  Finally, I drew a hat which represented the hat Schoolteacher wore when he came to take Sethe and her children back to Sweet Home and slavery.  I am not an artist, but I did my best.  I have definitely acquired a new skill.  I am now able to make concrete poetry.  I have also learn to use the five step method which I plan to use whenever I write similar essays.

The part of my project that I would change is the hat and the words.  I would try to draw a better hat and make it bigger and use a larger font size for the words of the quote.  I made a colored version of the hat but had difficulty pasting it in my post. I was not overly excited about the creative part of project #2.  This is because I am not a very creative person when comes to making images.  Therefore the part of project #2 assignment that I would change or eliminate is the creative aspect which is part 2.

As a writer I am intrigued by Toni Morrison’s method of writing.  I loved her creativity, the level of suspense and her use of flashbacks.  Whenever a flashback appeared in the story I became excited.  This is because each flashback gave an explanation and clarify what, why, where, when and how present day events were happening.