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I will be honest and say that I thought that this assignment would be really helpful in expanding my vocabulary, but most of the words that I found that I didn’t understand I don’t think that I would really get to apply on a day to day basis. I actually put a couple of words that I already knew the meaning to because I thought that maybe if I listed them, that it would encourage me to use them more often (Capricious and monotonously). I do agree that taking time to look up words that one doesn’t understand can help in making better sense of the text.

I also find the importance of having an extensive vocabulary and it’s something that I try to work on myself.

This type of exercise can definitely help with that. I subscribe to a.word.a to help with that, it’s a great tool to use and the set up is such like the assignment we had to do on a weekly basis. It explains the word and puts it into a sentence so that way you can see in which context it was used.

Overall, I found this to be helpful and informative.

2 thoughts on “Glossary – Anthology”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation–I hope everyone here checks it out!

    You have only 14 words in your list. Did you mean to leave out the 15th? If not, please add it in!

    1. I had the fifteenth there, I just forgot to add it!!
      Also, your class was really great, and you’re a great professor, by far the most down to earth that I have had.
      Thank you and have good summer!

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