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Interesting Title

Hello, my name is Eli Shtauber. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY.  What else would you like to know?

I come from a large close family and always had my siblings to talk to and to play with. Five years ago my parents and younger siblings moved out of the state, and I now have an apartment with a couple of roommates. It’s tough not being close to my family (and doing my own laundry/cooking/cleaning :/ ), but I try to go visit whenever I can.

I finished high school in 2007 and decided not to go to college. There are plenty of things I am good at and figured not to spend the time in school. I worked as an  electrician for a couple of years, and learned a lot. It was a decent job but I wasn’t enjoying it. I had a couple of other jobs, and in each I gained many useful skills, but I never found something I really enjoyed. In the summer of 2011 (I had just quit working as a bus mechanic) I heard a friend talking about the mechanical engineering program at City Tech. He had taken a tour of the school and told me all about it. I looked into the field  some more, and was enrolled for the fall semester shortly afterwards.

I love to read (!) and especially like Stephen King and Lee Child. I’m currently reading Christine by SK. I enjoy listening to music and usually have something playing in the background.  Another hobby of mine is working on old cars. I bought, fixed, drove, and then sold a couple of cars. I am currently rebuilding an antique electric car, and I hope to use the machines in the engineering department like the 3d printer and cnc machine to make a couple of parts I’m having trouble finding.

Anyway, hope we have a great semester, and hope we get to read some great stories.

Homework: Introduction

Not real good with introductions. Hey, my name is Damany Wallace. I grew up in The Bronx, but moved out in 2007. I now reside in Valley Stream, Long Island and I’ve lived there for almost 8 years. I live with my parents, who are both in the medical field,  and brother, who’s a junior in high school. I’m a junior at City Tech and major in computer engineering. Initially, I majored in mechanical engineering, but lost interest and switched to CET in 2012.

In my free time, I love watching movies. I try to view at least 100+ a year.I enjoy sci-fi and horror films the most. Alien, Aliens, Fargo and Halloween are some of my all-time favorites. Video games have been a major part of my life growing, but for the past couple years, I kinda lost interest and find myself playing a couple hours every couple week or so. When I do play, I enjoy baseball, The Last of Us and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I’m not a super sports fan, but I enjoy watching football (college football a bit more than pro football) and hockey. My favorite sport that I’m pretty much obsessed with and intrigues me the most is Mixed Martial Arts. I currently practice Muay Thai kickboxing and it is definitely the best thing going on in my life right now. I trained at my local gym for a couple weeks during the summer and knew I had to stick with it. I’ve been going there on and off ever since and hopefully,  when I find a better job, I could start training there on a weekly bases, opposed to a once every couple months. Disregarding the punches and/or head kicks, it’s such a stress relieving activity and helps clear my mind. I’m interested in having some amateur bouts in the future, hopefully by the end of the year or early 2016.

A Peek Into My Life

Hello everyone. There’s not genuinely much I can say about myself, so I guess I’ll just start with the basics. My name is Imran and I was born and raised in Queens. Food is my best friend, and it never disappoints me. To pass time, I usually end up listening to music, watching movies, and I’m an enthusiast of numerous TV shows. I honestly don’t know how I find enough time in a week to watch all the shows that I’m addicted to. These activities are ways for me to de-stress.

I’m a computer engineer technology student in my 3rd year here at City Tech. While I was in my sophomore year in high school, I was studying a list of college majors. I practically lived on a computer at the time, so I considered choosing a major that was computer related. Computer science caught my attention at first, so I looked into it. After I realized it involved a lot of programming, coding, etc. I assumed that this would’ve been challenging for me to do. Another major which interested me was computer engineering. I apprehended that computer engineering dealt with computer science, but not to a full extent. It deals also with hardware. I thought that this was the perfect major for me, and here I am pursuing my goal to be a computer engineer! I would like to work in an organization dealing with computer hardware, where I would have to actually build or fix computers.

One random interesting thing about me is that I love to travel. I certainly enjoy visiting new places, experiencing various environments other than New York. Don’t take this the wrong way.  Although I love New York, and I’ll always be a New Yorker at heart, but this world is full of fascinating places. I guess you could say it’s a dream of mine to travel the world, perhaps around the world in 80 days? Possibly in the future, if I have an advantageous job and adequate vacation time.

The Not so Interesting Me

There is really not a lot to say about me because I do not have a very active or adventurous lifestyle.   My life does not make people “oooo” and “ahhh,” so, I am introducing a plain/generic life to you.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York with the aspiration of one day becoming a doctor. I had always set my heart to become a doctor and help others in their ailments. As I got older and tried to pursue this dream, well the dream of my parents, I volunteered at hospitals and found jobs working in the health field. I pursued something that my parents wanted me to have, however, this was not attainable for me because I was not doing well in basic biology 101. While working as a certified nurse assistant I started to learn that I did not want to work in a field that I was getting annoyed with every single day and that this field was not for me. I made up my mind that I rather make less money in a career that I love than more money in a career that I hate. I also had to make the decision to let go the definition of what was a true profession from my parent’s standpoint. Eventually, this led me to changing my major to Law and Paralegal Studies.

So, let me be honest I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I did not know anything about the law. With my own life experience, I never wanted to get involved in law. I would always say, “I do not like the police, marshals, FBI, lawyers, and anyone else involved in law enforcement.” And maybe I still have a lack of trust for them but I love the law. After getting the chance to go to the courts in my school assignments (e.g. NYS Family Court, NYS Criminal Court, NYS Civil Court, etc.), I got to experience the inner workings of the court, how the law was being used to come to the verdict, and the hard decisions that judges had to experience when deciding cases. I also got a chance to speak to a judge and realized these judges were people too. They were not piously sitting on a throne for people to bow and worship them. They had to make, sometimes, tough decisions that they could not go by their feelings alone but the law itself. Now, that I am a junior in college, I have aspirations of going to law school. I have not considered what field of law I want to work in because there are so many choices to pick from but I think when I am in law school the answer will eventually come to me.

Besides my professional goals, I also like baking. Baking is my escape from school. I can be creative and make up different flavor combinations of cakes, cookies, bars, breads, and other desserts. Law is not in my mind 24 hours a day/seven days a week, so the baking gives my mind a break from school and life. Also, my family gets to be my personal guinea pig in tasting my creations.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”



I am actually not your father..

Aside from painting a self-portrait, introducing myself is probably the hardest thing to do. In person I would probably say hi in a sweet way, try to be funny -cue the awkward laughs- and divert the attention, as quickly as possible, to someone else. I love your dress where is it from?  

To help with writing this I asked my friends to describe me… um after the jokes ended I was told I’m a hipster. Ha!  I used to do that before it was cool. *insert relevant emoji here* (Just in case you couldn’t tell that was a joke I’m not pretentious, well at least I hope I’m not) Why is it seemingly impossible to get serious answers from your friends?

After all that I realized I didn’t even mention the most important thing, my name. Although thinking about it now I think I should just keep my identity a secret and reveal it in a dramatic way like Darth Vader. Sorry I cut your hand off and all but guess what I’m actually 50% of the reason you exist.  *dun dun dun*

This is the part where I wish I could say I am a published, popular author or an astronaut that has been to Saturn but I can’t. Outside of my dreams I’m actually not as cool as Agent Peggy Carter and S.H.I.E.L.D doesn’t actually exist. And no matter how much I wish my Hogwarts letter got lost along the way (darn owls) I’m still stuck going to the same boring college as the rest of you. Even so, I’m still awaiting my letter to Hogwarts (or a ticket to the theme park). What do you mean I’m too old? I’m only 20, it’s not that far from 11… (I sincerely apologize if you don’t know a thing about Harry Potter or Marvel and don’t understand the references- use it as an excuse to read/watch)

On a serious note, I am so tragically average that telling you about myself would be cruel. Think the typical boring do-good protagonist in a contemporary novel, except nothing interesting ever happens to me. What I will tell you though is that I read way to many books, mostly sci-fi and fantasy, and dream about the weirdest things because of them. If asked to choose between my family or a chance to go to Disney world every day of the year, you best believe I am going to choose Disney world my family. I’m studying to be a legal drug dealer aka a pharmacist (my doctor’s words not mine),  and the only time I will pull ‘all-nighters’ would be to finish a book or binge watch some tv show. If there was one piece of advice I was to give someone it would be to never change yourself for anyone, be yourself and don’t give up on your dreams. Be practical about it but don’t give up. (That’s not one piece is it?)


*ba dum tss*

Food is the first, the only love of my life. (Psst. If you give me free food we can be friends 0:) ) ‘ Wanderlust’ is my favorite word and also an everlasting feeling. There you have it folks, a little something about me. Looking forward to reading about you guys as well.

“Yes, she thought, laying down her brush in extreme fatigue, I have had my vision.” – Virginia Woolf