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Glossary Write Up


Writing up the glossary and finding words I don’t know every week really helped me better understand the short stories. I normally skim over the words I do not know and use context clues to figure out the overall meaning of the paragraph rather than the specific meaning of the sentence. This helps me to better understand the sentence, hence helping me understand the overall story a little bit better. The glossary of the entire class brings into context all the stories we have read and all the different themes we have seen.

Glossary Write-Up

  1. Bier
  2. Firmament
  3. Fatuity
  4. Florid
  5. Idyllic
  6. Cinder
  7. Dray
  8. Muslin
  9. Aleut
  10. Capricious
  11. Sassafras
  12. Monotonously
  13. Pleating
  14. Austere
  15. Arbor


I really liked the idea or looking up words as they are needed. This is a great way of learning new vocabulary. You get an example of how the word used, and rewriting them helps commit them to memory.  I’ve been doing this with my own reading, and learned many new words this way. I find myself using these words in everyday conversations. I also try and spend some time trying figure out what the word means from context.




1. Cupola
2. Tumultuously
3. Powwow
4. Riotus 
5. Querulous
6. Calceolaria
7. Impertinence
8. Rendezvous
9. Pilfer
10. Camphor
11. Spigot
12. Shawl
13. Serenading
14. Savage
15. Regalia

When reading, whether it is a newspaper, a book, manga, etc, I tend to come across words I don’t really know about. I think what does this and that mean? When or how should I use this word in real life? Later on however, I tend to ignore it and make my own definition based on context clues but I guess based on the SATs from the past 2 years, I shouldn’t have done that. Now that I’m in college, I should be using more complex words in my work. This now brings me up to this assignment. This glossary assignment did in fact help me improve my vocabulary. Not only that, I can improve it further just by looking back at the other classmate’s words. By doing this, I also did something that I haven’t done before and that is to stop reading and look up the definition online. By doing this, I’m now guaranteed to know what the word I’m looking at means. Not only am I implementing this strategy in this class, I’m also using this as I read other writings. For example, if I’m reading something online and I see a complicated word, I would stop reading and look it up online. It may seem like a hassle however it actually helps. To sum things up, this Glossary project helped me a lot when it came to vocabulary and it helped me improve my reading skills. The strategies I use will definitely be used in the future.




Querulous-habitually complaining

The yellow wall paper by By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

I don’t feel as if it was worth while to turn my hand over for anything, and I’m getting dreadfully fretful and querulous. I cry at nothing, and cry most of the time.

The narrator used that word to express how she was getting annoyed and about to complain but she cried started to cry




Expressionlessness-lacking expression

Beloved by Toni Morrison page 139

Deep down in her dark rown eyes, back behind the expressionlessness, was a palm held out for a penny which Denver would gladly give her, if only she knew how or knew enough abouther, a knowledge not to be had by the answers to the questions Sethe occasionally put to her:’

I figure it was less or lack of expression or emotion I just never knew this was actually a word.




Regalia– special clothes and decorations (such as a crown or scepter) for official ceremonies.

From What You Pawn I Will Redeem by Sherman Alexie

But the strangest thing of all was the old Powwow-dance regalia I saw hanging in the window. As Jackson walked by the pawnshop that he had never saw before, it was strange because he saw old Powwow-dance clothing hanging in the window and it was his grandmotherâ regalia.




1. a fold of definite, even width made by doubling cloth or the like upon itself and pressing or stitching it in place.
verb (used with object)
2. to fold or arrange in pleats.

” ‘Cause he’s dead,’ says she, just as quiet and dull — and fell to pleatin’ her apron.”

“A Jury of Her Peers” By Susan Glaspell (pg 262)


Glossary Write-Up

  1. Disdainful
  2. Jalousies
  3. Ocular
  4. Revulsion
  5. Skulk
  6. Undulating
  7. Salsify
  8. Buckboard
  9. Lisle
  10. Indolent
  11. Spry
  12. Spigot
  13. Aspen
  14. Shoat
  15. Cajole

In completing the glossary assignment I have learned many new words that I have never heard or knew the meaning of before. While reading the texts this semester, there were numerous words that I did not know the meaning of. When I come across a word I did not know while reading, I would assume what those words meant with the use of context clues to understand their meanings. Sometimes I had no idea what the word meant and had to look it up after I finished reading. This assignment has helped me understand the definitions of new words and in some passages it helped me understand what was going on.  Before this assignment, I would have usually skipped an unknown word. I have benefited from actually taking the time to find the definitions of these words and plan to continue this process in the future.

Bouts of Words

  1. Peddler
  2. Wares
  3. Importunities
  4. Gallantry
  5. Febrile
  6. Exploited
  7. Smother
  8. Placid
  9. Regalia
  10. Tumultuously
  11. Powwow
  12. Barracks
  13. Clamor
  14. Lamenting
  15. Capricious

I always mark words I do not know when I read a book, I did the same whilst reading through various texts for school the only difference was that I actually looked them up with the thought of posting them online. (even though I slacked on that really bad) Even so, I did look them up. I usually only look up words when I read on my tablet since it’s easy to highlight a word and get it’s meaning. This exercise was a good way to get into the habit of looking up words right away as opposed to just marking them with the intention of getting back to them and not doing so. I also try to use these words as much as possible to add them into my daily vocabulary. Overall, as tedious as it was I am glad I was forced to look up many words and then post whichever ones weren’t posted yet.  Definitely a good challenge for myself since pausing and writing down words makes reading much less fun.