Calceolaria (The Cottagette/Paragraphs 13, 19, 24, 45, 53)
Pronunciation: cal – ce – o – lar – ia

-a South American plant of the figwort family that is cultivated for its brightly colored slipper or pouch shaped flowers.

-Paragraph 13: They didn’t call it a boarding house, which is neither high nor musical; they called it “The Calceolaria.”
-Paragraph 19: And yet that Calceolaria was only two minutes off…”
-Paragraph 24: We never had to think of ordinary things till the soft musical thrill of the Japanese gong stole through the trees, and we trotted off to the Calceolaria.
-Paragraph 45: He comes here and sits talking with us, and it’s quiet and feminine and attractive–and then we hear that big gong at the Calceolaria…
-Paragraph 53: I wasn’t very fond of Lois’s mother, Mrs. Fowler, but it did seem a little conspicuous, Mr. Mathews eating with us more than he did at the Calceolaria.



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  1. Now that you’ve found the definition, does it help you make sense of it in context? Could you take a guess about it as the name of the place where they go to eat?

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