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Intro of Myself

My name is Shanice, I was born in Jamaica, Queens in New York. I grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn New York. I’m currently in my third year at City Tech and I am majoring in Computer Systems Technology CST. I picked this major because I would stay on the computer for hours, then wonder, “where did the time go?” Then I came to the conclusion that computers may be an area of interest and what  I would want to do in life.Throughout my interaction with the computer and its various programs, I was inspired to research career opportunities in the field of computer technology. Initially, I thought business would be my major and I researched various high schools that offered business courses, but when I started to take those courses, my priorities changed, computer technology captivated me. Hopefully, in my last few semesters at this school, I can grasp enough information to be confident to go out into the workplace and find my dream job.

As of now, I work at Macy’s and at a Catering center. When I first starting working at Macy’s, I was excited and nervous at the same time. I thought I would actually like this job, and it would be a great experience to have. But boy was I wrong, I used to say I would never work at a retail job, that was a huge lie. Every time I know I have to work, I start to become annoyed. Some of you might say why am I still there, but don’t worry I’m not planning on staying there for too long. Catering is not too bad, I also prefer that job over Macy’s. I’ve been working at the Catering center for about 6 years. Although you might deal with some rude customers, I look forward to going to that job. I guess its because that job is on-call. One definite thing I like about this job is my managers and coworkers, I get along well with them and we like each other. Besides that boring part of my life, there are some more other boring activities I can add to it. I love to sleep, listen to music and killing my brain cells by watching T.V.

In addition, I look forward to enjoying this class because the class is a hybrid class making it partially online. It gives me another excuse to stay on the computer. Not only that, but I noticed I learned and retain information better when I take an online classes, the work is hands on. Hopefully with this class the outcome can be the same, because I can take advantage of my love of computers and learn simultaneously.


Hello class my name is Harrison Mok and I’m majoring in Accounting. I decided to major in accounting because in high school I found it pretty interesting. I guess that I was pretty good at math that it was kind of easy for me back in high school. Now its totally different and more challenging. This is my second year in City Tech and I’m enjoying it pretty far. I’m working on my associates degree so then I can transfer to Baruch. People would always ask me why I choose accounting because they always found it boring with all the numbers. I would tell them that it wasn’t that bad it was just simple math just adding and subtracting. I kind of find accounting useful in life because everyone needs a accountant am I right?

I’m the type of person who loves food and would not stop until I get what I’m craving. I sometimes thought of going into culinary arts and learning how to cook. I always thought that cooking looked fun because you get to cook something and in the end you get to eat it. If you need someone to go eat with it would be me because I would go no matter what if it involves food.

I AM A GAMER!(PC MASTER RACE) The games I play mostly would be League Of Legends or Counter Strike Global Offensive and other games I get on Steam. People sometimes say playing games are a waste of time, but I don’t think so because people can get a job by just playing games. I play games because it helps me relax from school, it would pull me out of reality for a few hours to stop myself from stressing, and would come back relaxed and ready to work on homework.

So I’m currently taken right now so sorry all you ladies out there. I don’t want to get all lovey dovey, but yea shes special. She’s a Bio major and currently goes to Stanford (but really Pace). She would constantly talk about science all the time when we are eating, but I got used to it.

My Intro.

Hello all!

My name is Sue and I am a hospitality management major- currently attending New York City Tech. I have taken this course, Introduction to Fiction simply to gain more knowledge about it. My english, grammar and punctuation might not be the best but I am willing to learn and grow daily. My interests involves around discovering new experiences that will benefit me in the future. I thrive in learning new things!

You can say I’m the average college student. I work and go to school, full time.  I am a pretty busy person and probably need to take notes when it comes to time management. I sometimes try to fill all my work in a day, then remember that I should at least be getting eight hours of sleep. Since I have been working at a young age, not getting enough sleep sometimes is something I grew accustomed to.  I currently started working at a new hotel as a receptionist in the City. I have worked in hotels since I was seventeen years old and I do not see myself working anywhere else.  I plan to grow in the hotel industries and further my career after graduating.

When I do have some free time,  I try to gasp in the beautiful world we all live in. I have quite a fascination about the sky, trees, clouds, moon and the sun. I enjoy a good book, a lot of art, sunsets and warm summer weather. Appealing sceneries are my weakness. In life, not all places you see are alluring but I try to see the beauty in all. In the future, I’d like to travel all tropical places similar if not like, paradise.

I hope the above text I have written contributes to the something interesting about myself. I am looking forward to an amazing semester and many stories that are yet to be read!

Hello, my name is Rena

My name is Rena and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at City College of New York Fall 2014. I finally graduated but want to work in the medical field. With a psychology background I believed that I would have a foundation for any type of career. I have decided to come back to school to take pre-requisites and apply to the nursing program at SUNY Downstate.

In my free time, I volunteer at New York Methodist Hospital as a navigator for Asian patients. In this position, I help bridge the gap of communication between Asian patients and medical staffs in the hospital. As a certified translator, I help to translate various procedures in several departments. This position has allowed me to come in close contact with patients, to talk to them and to assist them with their needs. It has been an amazing experience that has only increased my desire to work in the medical field and to help patients in need. This experience has truly opened up my eyes to the daily functions of the hospital. This can range from the annoyed nurses that hates their jobs to those who take their time out to visit patients even on their off days.

I am also working as a Saturday school math teacher. This allows me to practice patience and attentiveness towards my students of ages 5-7. I have worked with kids for more than five years now. It can get frustrating at times but it is extremely rewarding when you see a child striving and doing well in exams after struggle so hard all semester.

I am ALSO a customer representative at Kiehl’s, a skincare company.

Juggling school, two jobs, and volunteer work has been a lot of fun but time consuming. I like to keep myself super busy but I do have some downtime once in awhile.

In my free time I enjoy sitting at home, eat, and watch Friends, the TV show. I was very young when it first aired but when I came of age and re-watched all the episodes I have been obsessed. I must’ve re-watched it a million times. That’s why thumbs up for Darth Vader!! 😀



A Small Section Of My Life

Hey class. I’m not as motivated as the next guy to add too much personal information while knowing this can be publicly viewed, but as far as the things you should know goes. My name is Gavin Young, I was born Brooklyn, N.Y. but raised in Jamaica, W.I. While growing up in Jamaica I acquired my education from Meadowbrook Prep, the equivalent of an elementary school in the United States. I was well disciplined and well behaved while being raised in a family with strong religious beliefs. On my journey throughout the years as a youth I got drawn to many passions which involved Astronomy, Engineering, and ideas of futuristic innovations. This was mainly caused by the exposure to many of my family’s professions and the sharing of thoughts of future goals with the kids in the neighborhood. In the case of my family, I can say it is fairly large with relatives scattered across various countries but as far as close siblings goes, I was raised with my only sister on my mother’s side.

After graduating Meadowbrook, I left Jamaica to expand on my education in the United States where I started Middle School. While there I experience another world that seemed much simpler than the one I knew before. With this perception of my new environment, I excelled academically and later moved on to High School. In the Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment High School, also known as BASE, I faced new challenges that pushed me to realize that anything can be done with effort and critical thinking. I later joined a class called Science Research where I was mentored and pushed to write tedious papers which also required a research paper due at the end of my senior year. My research paper was based on religious and superstition while analyzing their correlations. The option to stop was given each year of course, but where is the lesson in giving up? This class later gave me skills I would not have acquired otherwise and I’m grateful I made the choice to stay. With that being said, I view this particular class as my most important decision and high school experience.

Graduating High School gave me a great feeling of accomplishment. Even though I stumbled on many bumps along the way, it was a great experience nonetheless. Even so, I still felt empty inside because I was a part of an environmental school when my passions demanded tech, science and discovery. What made this feeling even more noticeable was my hobbies, which involved countless hours of watching Science programs, Reading Science based book (I recommend reading The Forever War by Joe Haldeman, it shows many possibilities of human innovation that I find fascinating and plausible) and keeping up with tech and scientific breakthroughs while I was stuck checking Ph. levels. My passions which have been manifesting in my mind since I was a young child finally drove me to apply to a college with a strong tech program but convenient enough where I could still be home (Brooklyn). I was later enrolled as a student of The New York City College of Technology, where I currently study Computer Engineering Technology and also where I started my new journey. To be continue…

Now it’s my turn to introduce myself

Hopefully you’ve gotten to know me a little bit just from our first class and from the syllabus and other materials on this site–our writing style says a lot about us–but allow me to introduce myself more fully. I’m a native New Yorker, and have lived in three of the five boroughs. I’m an assistant professor in the English Department at City Tech, with a Ph.D. in English and a certificate in Women’s Studies from the CUNY Graduate Center in midtown Manhattan. My undergraduate degree from Brown University is in both English and Biology. As a college student, this combination often confused people, and they would ask “What are you going to do, write science textbooks?” No, that was never an interest of mine. I do use a lot of science terminology and metaphors in my writing, both in my creative writing and in my scholarly work.

Here at City Tech, I’m involved in a number of interesting projects. I won’t list them all, but I’m currently one of the OpenLab co-directors, and am conducting research on interactive technology use in education. My scholarly work also focuses on narrative theory, gender and sexuality studies, and literature of the 20th century. Some of the stories we will read this semester are texts that I study in my own work.  I’m active on the Undergraduate Research Committee, so let’s talk if you’re interested in conducting research. I tweet for the Literary Arts Festival, @CityTechLitFest, not only about our even each spring, but also other interesting things related to writing, reading, Brooklyn, and college. Follow me there!

Outside of work–if we can ever really separate the things we do into work and non-work categories–I’m an avid knitter and crocheter. I’ve been known to quilt. I love to cook. I want to learn how to use a letterpress. As you can see, I like to make things! It’s so satisfying to see a project through from start to finish, and to have a tangible object to show for it. I like to bring my love of making things into the classroom, creating projects that don’t just ask students to do what they’re used to doing but to make things, too.

I love to look at old maps and photographs of New York, and often incorporate them into my courses. Although I’m an amateur and don’t have fancy equipment, I love to take photographs when I travel, whether it’s to Iceland (a great trip I took this summer), to Chicago (where I’ll be visiting this spring for the annual conference of the International Society for the Study of Narrative, and hopefully to eat a Chicago-style hot dog for some good Chicago tourism but not Chicago-style pizza), or even just for a ride on the Staten Island Ferry (which I’ve done countless times) or a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge (which I often do on my way to or from work).

Workers and walkers on the Brooklyn Bridge, November 2014
Workers and walkers on the Brooklyn Bridge, November 2014

Now that you’ve gotten to know me a bit better, I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Gamer at Home, Future Engineer Outside.

Hey guys my name is Alexander or you can call me Alex for short. I’m coming here from that disappointing Super Bowl 49 outcome. Yes I wanted the Seahawks to win and no, I’m not a bandwagoner. I just don’t like the Pats #NewYorkPride. Anyways I’m just an 18 year old college student in the second semester of my first year studying hard to become a Computer Hardware Engineer.

As the title of this post says, yes I’m a gamer. I was raised around gaming. Whether it was my uncle or my former neighbors, there was access to video games almost anywhere I went. Good thing is, I was addicted but not addicted enough to let games get in the way of my education. So I guess you can say I’m one of those dudes who can play all they want yet get good grades. To this day I still like to play (at least when I’m free). My favorite games to play currently are Smite, Dota 2, and some First Person Shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Aside from gaming, yes I have a life. Lots of it is poured into school but other parts are put into family and friends. I’m the first child out of 3 and the only male sibling sadly but it’s cool. My hobbies other than playing games consist of hanging out or “chilling” with friends, playing and watching sports like Baseball, Basketball and Football, and my personal favorite, Driving (if you do consider that a hobby).

Bringing back the title of this post, I mentioned Future Engineer Outside. What do I mean by that? As I said before, my goal in life is to become a Computer Hardware Engineer. I’m currently enrolled in the Computer Engineering Technology major and right now, everything is pretty interesting. Last semester, I took a Logic and Problem Solving class, in other words, programming. To be honest, programming is pretty fun too but my interests are more towards the Hardware side and hands on with tools type of work.

The sum things up, that’s pretty much the basics about me. I hope you who read this learn something about me. Looking forward to working with you all this semester. As I used to say in my Youtuber days, “Have a good day, good night, whenever, wherever you are, PEACE!”

The Way How I See it!

Venturing through today’s world trying to find my niche, took me a while but sure enough at age  23 I decided, I need to get serious with completing my degree. Working a job, just to make ends meet without any satisfaction can easily feel like, captivity.  But more about me. For one I am eager; I find being the first person to try out something new, sets the pace for anyone else or better yet, others can learn from my mistakes. Next, I believe in physical hard work, hands on; straight skills; talent through learning and experience.  Other the other hand,  I am really stubborn when it comes to reading lengthy irrelevant or without importance text. I find it very hard to fully engage in certain material which at times start dull or with substance.

On a better note, spring 2015 will hopefully be my last semester at New York City College of Technology.  I am currently enrolled in Hospitality and Management with a focus in Culinary.  As a student here at NYCCT, I am trilled to know that my department HMGT ensure that the courses for the program equipped me to face the real world.

To add, as a Culinary student I get hands on training with real live ordering, prepping,  cooking, cleaning, serving, stewardship, reports, feedback,  demonstration, and most of all open table for questions and answer and area of strengths and weaknesses.  As a future back of house staff, I’m truly bless to attain this great experience and I will ensure that I utilize it to the max.

In addition to my culinary experience,  I also had the time to practice and learn safe sanitation for hotels, bar, restaurants,  lounges and nightclubs.  It is tremendous the energy I feel when I walk into a restaurant or a hotel. In my mind I tell myself this is my industry; “what is that worker doing, is he or she following establishment policy by smoking so close to guest rooms”,or “its 9:05 that person is 5 minutes late”. These are the small hints that clearly depicts oneself as a boss; in control and ready for productivity.

Interesting Title

Hello, my name is Eli Shtauber. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY.  What else would you like to know?

I come from a large close family and always had my siblings to talk to and to play with. Five years ago my parents and younger siblings moved out of the state, and I now have an apartment with a couple of roommates. It’s tough not being close to my family (and doing my own laundry/cooking/cleaning :/ ), but I try to go visit whenever I can.

I finished high school in 2007 and decided not to go to college. There are plenty of things I am good at and figured not to spend the time in school. I worked as an  electrician for a couple of years, and learned a lot. It was a decent job but I wasn’t enjoying it. I had a couple of other jobs, and in each I gained many useful skills, but I never found something I really enjoyed. In the summer of 2011 (I had just quit working as a bus mechanic) I heard a friend talking about the mechanical engineering program at City Tech. He had taken a tour of the school and told me all about it. I looked into the field  some more, and was enrolled for the fall semester shortly afterwards.

I love to read (!) and especially like Stephen King and Lee Child. I’m currently reading Christine by SK. I enjoy listening to music and usually have something playing in the background.  Another hobby of mine is working on old cars. I bought, fixed, drove, and then sold a couple of cars. I am currently rebuilding an antique electric car, and I hope to use the machines in the engineering department like the 3d printer and cnc machine to make a couple of parts I’m having trouble finding.

Anyway, hope we have a great semester, and hope we get to read some great stories.

Introducing myself

Hello everyone. First, since english is not my first language, you might have trouble with understanding my post and if you do, feel free to ask any questions on the comments. But before that, I will try my best to write it understandable.

I will start with the general information of myself. I was born in Republic of Korea, which is the south side, not the north. It has been about seven years since I came to New York with my family. I went to Bayside High School in Queens and I remember I was so depressed in highschool, because I could not say a word in English and at the same time I had to take SAT right away. Luckily, I was able to finish my highschool with an “okay” grade, special thanks to my Korean-American friends!

I used to love language and history, but not sciences and math when I studied in Korea, but now, I like the later ones better and I think it is because I have hard time with reading and writing in English. So, ever since I came to America, I started to like learning science and math better. But this time I hope I can find interest in reading and writing more.

What I really wanted to be in the future was pharmacist, but because I know my family cannot afford it, I had to give up. But since I have been working at a dental office for three years, I started to have interests in dental area, so I am studying for dental hygeine now.

One thing very important in my life is traveling. It does not have to be special place like foreign countries or some planets in the space. Even if I have one day off, I would rather drive my car or wander somewhere than staying home doing nothing. I am very active and I love to do something new. For the past years, I tried to visit many places in America, even by myself, and I am going to travel more places whenever I have time. It makes me feel free and I love meeting new people and learning new things from traveling. My goal is to visit all the states in America before I graduate college and travel abroad.