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Sulk: Beloved

verb: sulk; 3rd person present: sulks; past tense: sulked; past participle: sulked; gerund or present participle: sulking
1. 1.
be silent, morose, and bad-tempered out of annoyance or disappointment.
“he was sulking over the breakup of his band”
synonyms: mope, brood, be sullen, have a long face, be in a bad mood, be in a huff, be grumpy, be moody;
informalbe down in the dumps
“Dad was sulking”
noun: sulk; plural noun: sulks
1. 1.
a period of gloomy and bad-tempered silence stemming from annoyance and resentment.
“she was in a fit of the sulks”
synonyms: (bad) mood, fit of ill humor, fit of pique, pet, huff, (bad) temper; More

Beloved By Toni Morrison Page 142.
…..She kept them alive and they ignored her. Growled when they chose; sulked, explained, demanded, strutted, cowered, cried and provoked each other to the edge of violence, then over. She had begun to notice that even when Beloved was quiet, dreamy, minding her own business, Sethe got her going again…
Word Reused with meaning
…Growled when they chose; bad mood, explained, demanded, strutted, cowered, cried and provoked…


Beloved: Spry

adjective: spry; comparative adjective: spryer; superlative adjective: spryest
(especially of an old person) active; lively.
“he continued to look spry and active well into his eighties”
synonyms: sprightly, lively, agile, nimble, energetic, active, full of energy, full of vim and vigor, vigorous, spirited, animated, vivacious, frisky, peppy
“isn’t Aunt Helen spry for her age?”

Taken from Beloved By Toni Morrison Page 109…
……First she’d be up and spry in the morning and by the second milking she couldn’t stand up. Next she took to sleeping late. The day I went up there she was in bed the whole day, and I thought to carry her some bean soup and ask her then. When I opened the bedroom door she looked at me from underneath her nightcap. Already it was hard to catch life in her eyes……

Word Spry Reused
…First she’d be up and be active in the morning and by the second milking……



verb snuf·fle \ˈsnə-fəl\
: to breathe loudly because you have a cold or have been crying
intransitive verb
: to snuff or sniff usually audibly and repeatedly
: to breathe through an obstructed nose with a sniffing sound
: to speak through or as if through the nose : whine or wimp

The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka Part 2 Paragraph 2
But he soon drew his head back again in disappointment; not only did the pain in his tender left side make it difficult to eat the food – he was only able to eat if his whole body worked together as a snuffling whole – but the milk did not taste at all nice. Milk like this was normally his favourite drink, and his sister had certainly left it there for him because of that, but he turned, almost against his own will, away from the dish and crawled back into the centre of the room.
Word Reused
…- he was only able to eat if his whole body worked together as a wimping whole…