Project 2 Part 2

Poem With Picture

If you can’t read it here’s what I wrote.

Motherly Love

Running away and hiding in a shed.

I throw one and it hits it head.

There is now a pool of red.

A baby lays on its back like when it’s on its bed.

Not looking them in the eye.

Because I don’t want to cry.

Holding in the pain.

While picking another by the ankle like a crane.

I love them so much that I must take their life.

I can’t let them be born into a world of slavery and strife.

I decided to write a poem about the scene where Sethe is in the shed trying to kill her children. I choose this picture to go along with my poem because this picture is based off a true story of Margret Garner. She was also a slave who killed her child when faced with recapture under the Fugitive Slave Act. This picture is exactly like what happened in Beloved when Sethe was trying to kill her kids. So I thought I should use this picture because it goes with the scene I choose.

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