Glossary writeup assignment

1. macabre

2. scruples

3. atrocious

4. astonishing

5. reckon

6. salsify

7. glen

8. chastise

9. doggone

10. carmine

11. ravenous

12. annihilated

13. barged

14. regalia

15. contemplated

16. atheist


This assignment was really helpful and effective to me especially because I don’t really try to learn deeply about some glossary that I don’t know the definition even though I don’t know most of the vocabularies in a literature. To be honest, it is very hard for me to finish reading a novel that is written in English because there are too many of vocabularies that I do not know the meaning and I have to give up reading it. If I had to, I would search the meaning of every words that I don’t know to finish a book, but it takes hours to understand a couple of pages. So when I first started doing the assignment, I did not know what to do because there were already more than 15 words that I don’t know the meaning in the first two readings. I had to have my laptop right in front of me to read the fictions we had. It took longer time to finish reading than the time other people might took, but I had to look for the meaning of number of vocabularies. However I would forget most of the definitions I found, except for the ones that I posted on our course site. Also I tried hard to find most difficult vocabularies out of the ones that I do not know, (because there were too many that I don’t know) so it was harder for me to do the assignment. I didn’t want to use any words that I found for the assignment. To be honest, this assignment was harder than I thought in the beginning, but it was very useful because I remember most of the vocabularies that I posted online.

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  1. You were always welcome to add more than 15 words into our glossary! I hope that you didn’t feel limited by the request for 15, or one per week. It’s great to look up as many as you can without losing your focus on the reading.

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