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Kindlin –  dry twigs, pieces of paper, etc., that burn easily and are used to start a fire.

Used in “Beloved” on page 57, top of the page, first paragraph.

Rainwater held on to pine needles for dear life and Beloved could not take her eyes off Sethe. Stopping to shake the damper, or snapping sticks for kindlin, Sethe was licked, tasted eaten by Beloved’s eyes.

It was meant to describe sticks to make fire, or something that would easily burn.




: a state in which you are thinking about pleasant things

plural rev·er·ies
:  the condition of being lost in thought
In Beloved 69 paragraph 6.
“She and Baby Suggs had agreed without saying so that it was unspeakable; to Denver’s inquiries Sethe gave short replies or rambling incomplete reveries.”
Reveries here probably means being lost in her thoughts because there were not a lot of pleasant things that may have happened in her past because he and Baby Suggs have refused to talk about it. She is probably lost in her thought of the past and thinking about what to and not to share.

Questions about Beloved

Hi this is Keith, and I have some questions about where I am at in Beloved. First why is Beloved(the child) not mentioned in the story until her death. There was many mentions of Seethe’s sons throughout the story. It would have been nice to know her before her death. Also the Beloved that is living with Seethe and Denver was contemplating her body parts falling off. I would imagine that if she was a zombie, but she is not. She is a living person. I also have questions of Denver, such as why she let Beloved choke Seethe, and did not talk about her activities with Paul D. If she wanted to get rid of Paul D, It would have been the perfect way. About Paul D. it was something I would not have seen. That he was being controlled by Beloved totally shot dead my theory that he was the only normal person in the story. How could he do what he did with Beloved (more than once), and how could he leave Seethe for what she did 18 years ago. She was frightened and delirious back then. The only thing I did notice is that he stayed in town so I feel he still has a big part in the story. I have to assume that Baby Suggs ability to endlessly feed the party that day is probably a symbolic gesture that she was more than a person but someone who held special powers. Though I don’t see why that was important. It has been a hard book to read when it is constantly phasing in and out of different times. But now I am interested in how this will play out. That is usually a good sign that the story is well written, even though I would have never thought to read it. So I give Toni Morrison a lot of credit of being a good author.


Noisome P 35

“Beloved” by Toni Morrison

“for the noisome cologne signal that thrilled the rabits before it confused them”

noxious, harmful

Toxic, Hazardous, unhealthy

“for the toxic cologne signal…..”

Alex Rodriguez was suspeneded from baseball for the use of noisome and illegal steroids.

in reading a bit of the chapter one of beloved, it feels like a person was living in a memory and the history of slavery and  someone is trapped in their past life living with a sense of fear. as you read in chapter 1 she assumes that there is a ghost in the house wish you lived in Ohio. the death of her daughter and her experience in sweet home was very sad I would think. as reading it feels like she still was living in her past which is slavery. she has been free for a very long time but still has the memories of slavery. That’s just my opinion. also I am predicting that this person it’s going to be trapped freedom because she still living in the past.

Homework for the Midterm Exam

Rather than writing a blog post for homework this week, I ask that you spend that time preparing for the midterm by preparing your quotation sheet. This is a sheet that you will bring to the midterm. It should have your name and the quotations you will use to respond to any of the three questions that you have prepared for. It should not list the text names and authors, since you will be tested on that material in the identifications in Part 1 of the exam.

As you prepare, think about what passages from the stories best support the comparison you want to make. If you have two passages for each of the two texts for three essay topics, you might have as many as 12 quotations. Some quotations would work for more than one topic, so you might find that you don’t need 12, but instead 11 or 10. For example, you might draw on similar material to write about confinement as you do to talk about illness, so that there is overlap in the materials you have prepared for those topics.

Please make sure you have voted for your first choice among the topics–there is a poll in the sidebar of the site. I’ll take those votes into account as I choose the three of the five choices to include on the midterm exam. You will then choose one of the three topics to respond to in an essay. I may edit them to make them more consistent, but the ideas will be the same.

If you have any additional questions, please continue to add them to our discussion. Good luck with your preparation!