15 Words

1. Jutting

2. Monotonously

3. Reins

4. Ravenous

5. Febrile

6. Larynx

7. Posse

8. Flaws

9. Wharf

10. Evangelists

11. Vexed

12. Cistern

13. Muslin

14. Impertinence

15. Dainty


Throughout all the readings we had in class some of these words I didn’t really know while reading. While looking them up, I then understood what it meant and made the sentence much more clearer. For example while reading “Beloved” by Toni Morrison, while reading the book it was already a pain trying to understand what was going, but with words I don’t know made it even worse. After looking some of the words, it helped me understand the book a little better. Sometimes I even come across these words while reading articles online. The glossary helped my range of vocabulary and made understanding many things much more easier. I can say that I can always do this while I’m reading anything. I can look up the word and find out whats the definition and make a list for later preferences. This will help me in other classes when I won’t understand a word, I would remember what I have learned in this class and use it to my advantage.

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