Claimed Cover Letter.

Project #2 Part 1:
Part 2:
The Tree of Slavery

Dear Professor Rosen,
Something I am extremely proud of for my project #2 is the artwork that I produced. I love the quotes that make up the roots of the tree. It comes to show that slavery is deeply rooted in the world that can not be seen from the naked eye. It comes to show the ugly parts of slavery that is no longer remembered.

The most challenging part of the project is finding the quotes that will support my thesis statement. From the beginning while reading the story I knew I wanted to talk about ‘claiming’ and ‘being claimed’. I had an idea of what quotes I want to use but it was extremely difficult looking for the specific quotes I wanted to use because of the timeline of the story.

Some new skills I acquired with this project is finding the deep rooted meanings behind the story and behind slavery. Sometimes it is a lot easier to just read the book and understand what has happened in the plot. When reading it slowly in order to truly understand the novel and what the author is trying to portray it takes more skills but it also brings a lot more satisfaction.

Something I may want to change about the project is probably focusing more on the artistic part of the project besides just writing the paper. It might be cool to do a presentation on this project instead of on another book that resonates with me.

As a writer, I love digging deep into the meanings of several quotes and finding out the meanings of it not only to myself but also to the author and other readers as well. Although I like to find these meanings and incorporate them in my paper, I have trouble putting my thoughts together in a coherent essay for my readers because I have a lot to write about.


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