The tree of Slavery


Slavery is like a tree in that it is rooted in history, and rooted in the lives of everyone in this society. The tree looks big, strong, and even beautiful but what is not seen in the naked eyes is the roots of the tree. Like the tree, the roots of slavery is still around today even though we do not see it. There is still discrimination and prejudice against black people even though slavery is abolished. Like the tree in Beloved, Sethe is ashamed to see the beauty of it even though it represents the tree where the other Sweet Home men may have been lynched.

Some quotes deeply rooted in the history of slavery that resonates with me are those involved in Sethe’s (and other slaves of the time) need to claim something during slavery. She has a strong desire to prevent her children from experiencing what she has experienced in Sweet Home. In order to put her children somewhere safe, the only escape is death. Stories like such are the roots of slavery that will never be erased from history even though we do not actively think about or see it in today’s society. This artwork is trying to bring sight to the roots of slavery and how it will always stay with us no matter how far we have improved since then.

Slavery is seen as something that is worse than death, something that could affect their kin several generations down. We are still experiencing the aftermath of slavery whether it is racism or prejudices. This brings to mind the question: when will slavery’s possession on civilization ever end?


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