Reflection 9

COMD 3503                                                                                                               Nov 14, 2018

Prof. Marianna

Miguel Santos

Reflection 9

Why is it important to have inspirations?. After watching, Marian Bantjes speech “Intricate beauty by design” I didn’t quite understand why a lot of my classmates didn’t get inspired by her work and design process. Her journey was really inspirational but I guess it wasn’t relative to most of my classmates. However, the creative director at McCann Maryam Zafar gave us a timeline of her life as a designer which was very inspirational. Both designers really inspired me because of their personal stories, style.

 From Marian Bantjes, I learn that visual work is extremely needed it in society. This means that every time she design something she asks herself who is it for? what does it say? and what is it for?. In other words, she points out that a piece of her work will inspire others that will inspire others as well. This teaches me to step out of the box by taking something a step further. How to reach this?. According to Marian, “I spent a lot of time in my work.” Therefore, her goal is to create something unexpected, her inspiration is unusual materials. Design thinking involves joy, curiosity, and surprise which we as a designer need to enjoy the most. Inspiration comes from anywhere, it transforms any design into a personal story.

Similarly, I learn from Maryam Zafar to look at things that I don’t usually look at. Inspirations will come along with it. We become more creative by finding inspirations. I learn from her not to use templates and not depend on the regular style. Therefore, I need to start with myself because whatever I create for myself I will create the same for others. I learn to go extra in my work because it will be paid off. People want us to be creative. How can I reach this? by I having fun, by adding some movements while everything is flat and creating something that I can be proud of. Also, opportunities come along with networks. It is always essential to make friends, to be nice, talk to others because talking is inspirational.

Graffiti I see in my community is my inspiration. How colors are used inspires me, shapes and text as well, contrast, and value. However, what really inspires me the most about graffiti I see is telling a message. In other words, those big educationals graffiti or mural makes people aware of something important in the community. The group TATS CRU also called as the mural king are a real inspiration for me, their website is amazing.

I really still in my path of finding what I can be really amazing at in this field. Being a generalist designer is super great but once I encounter what I’m really good at, I will not give up until I master it. For example, during a field trip, I went to MW Studios at W 38th St and I met Jenny who is a pro on building package design. I ask her if that’s all she does to build the package and put it together and she said “yes”. She has been doing it for years becoming a pro with the use of time, quality, and deliver. Therefore, I was delight by it, I want to find my way too. I learn that there is a lot of different duties but we just need to find what we can do amazing.

Equally important, is necessary to change my mentality. Is not going to help to be frustrated. Therefore, sometimes we do takes things in the wrong way not knowing that is a learning process. I learn that when someone criticizes my work I just need to ask how can I make it better. If the viewer sees a problem, I just need to ask for the direction and answer to improve it, simple as that. In other words, is like going with the flow finding the joy in everything.

As one can see, when there is a problem there is always a creative solution. There is no need to limit ourselves, we just need to give that little extra features to our work to make the difference. Sure, finding the right inspiration is key. I relate to Marian Bantjes and Maryam Zafar in the sense that we need to show love in our work. Every time I spend a lot of time enjoying my work, the result can be seen along with emotions. It is important to have the vision to start creating a future. Every mailing I receive in my house I enjoy its content and package design, my eyes react to things that inspire. Therefore, inspiration matters because someone else can help us achieve what we desire.