Journal Entry #2 My Role

cunycuny7I got this internship through the CUNY Service Corps program. One of the requirements for this program is to attend to 8 workshops for preparation and training. Also, as participants, we have to upload our resume and cover letter to the Service Corps simplicity site to then applied for a minimum of 16 positions and wait to see which of those positions will be approved for an interview. There was three different day for interviews and we were allowed to walk into other agencies that we didn’t qualified for, just to obtain information. From my requested interviews, I received three approved which were from the New York City Department of Transportation, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation Arthur Ross Citywide Nursery, and The Point Community Development Corporation. I took my Portfolio with me and that was a focal point for the interviewers.

Because of the distance, I end up going to The Point Community Development Corporation. It is only half an hour from my house compared to the others agencies that were really far away. This agency accepted me as an after-school program assistant but after seeing my portfolio they move me to the Graphic Designer & Web department to work with the full-time Graphic Designer & Web Master Alejandra Delfin. I felt confident with the in-person interview because it wasn’t just me, it was a group of four people with another intern student. During the interview, we were asked if we knew about The Point, on what field we prefer to work, and if we have any experience with civic engagement. Also, what are our weakness and strength?

I only waited two weeks for the interview and the job offer. I received two email, one from the Youth Programs Manager Isabel Figueroa and the other one from the Fund Development Manager Michael Crew giving me the welcoming to the job. From working in this organization, I will work with diverse client tastes and needs. Also, I will incorporate real constraints such as budget, graphics standards, and mailing regulations into the design process. I will be designing promotional materials like posters, flyers and other marketing materials as needed.