Journal Entry #8 App Review 2

21I downloaded the app Good Guide. I didn’t have any idea that such help like this exists. This application helps us scan safe and healthy consumer product based on scientific ratings. Immediately I started scanning products I have in my house and I was surprised. The Frosted Flakes Cereal is rating 4.0 and the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink is rating 0.0. I scan a lot of products in my house and I encourage my sister to download the app and she was like “every time I have to go to the store I’ll scan the products.” She was amazed at the scientific rating and the products that she has bought rating 0.0. One advantage of this app is that we can find out whether a product contains ingredients with health concerns. Also, we can find out the nutritional value of food products and identify the highest rated product on the market.