Textures Example



I found this image at the VectorStock website. This is texture type vector by Lajo, an artist who have an amazing portfolio of vector designs. I choose to post it, because it is really striking showing the texture of our fingerprints in the contrast. As you can see this is visual texture.





This photograph is part of the collection of design texture by Vitaly Friedman. I choose to post it, because it is a cool texture in bricks and its harmony is very visually with the white and black.

Crocodile skin texture

This Crocodile’s skin shows natural texture. As you all know, Crocodile have a rough skin and some of our clothes are made of it. I choose to post it, because sometimes we forget this type of texture.







This is a colorful textured wall design by Jan Albers. I found this Architectural work at Pinterest website and I choose to post it because the structure of the design make me feel I wanna touch those angles. Also, this three dimensional design distinguished by its perceived visual and physical properties.





Finally, this is Brian Bjorkman’s work. He is a graphic designer who enjoy print work and love working with visual identities. I choose to post it, because adding texture to objects makes them really interesting.





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