Reflection 8

COMD 3503                                                                                                                 Nov 07, 2018

Prof. Marianna

Miguel Santos

Reflection 8

On Halloween day, we discussed the design process. I believe that everyone has a different creative process in life depending on what they do. However, during the process of being creative, there is pressure and inspiration. Therefore, I think creativity has a price. In my mind, today’s class reminds everyone about their greatest moments, saddest moments, and toughest moments in the graphic design field. We learn from each other’s and discussed a little about spirituality after hearing the writer Elizabeth Gilbert’s speech. In other words, she addressed that each individual has a genius inside. I agree with her statement. In order for us to identify ourselves as being creative, is important to reflect on how we process things and solves problems after going through a lot of experiences. Then, what is my design process? where do I feel most the pressure coming from? Where my inspiration comes from? And do I believe in the genius inside me or higher power out there?

My design process is divided into five steps. First of all, I research the project to have a clear idea of what I am dealing with. In other words, I study the theme to become familiarized with its background. Once I collect data, I start dividing it by subjects or parts. Secondly, I freely sketch anything that comes to mind about it and then I review it to continue to refind it with different layouts. Thirdly, I choose two typefaces one serif and another one sans serif while I keep playing with images and type contrast. For me, images play a key role in design so I take my time to fuse it with the typeface. Until now, I still keep everything in black and white until I figure out what compositional schemes I can use. Fourthly, I choose one of the color harmonies that go with the theme on the project. In other words, this includes complementary, analogous, split complementary, tetradic and earth tone. Fifth, I show the final version of my work on the project to different viewers and family members to see their reactions and received their opinions. Also, I decide about the print location, paper quality, and budget. This last step is convenient most of the time if it is considered in time. These are my design process. However, when the time is on top of me, I would like to said that my design process is to do a lot of sketches and then go digital with those ideas, for me, it works most of the time when clients want things fast.

However, during my design process, I feel a lot of pressure especially with time management and getting stuck on one idea. Lately, I’m getting a lot better on this, I can see a big improvement but still, the pressure hits hard sometimes. Not being aware of the pressure while designing is the worst thing because is like going crazy. Not having a deadline stress me the most because, without it, my time management is worse than ever, meaning that I’ll be doing much stuff at the same time. One of the habits that come along with bad time management is doing everything at the last minutes. Therefore, is a lot of pressure on while knowing I can do a lot better if I take advantage of time during my design process. On the other hand, many time I stuck on one of my ideas believing that is the right one and I just keep it without developing it. Then, I realize that taking that idea further is a complete version of it and that is when pressure comes “I wasted time not developing it before.” This brings me pressure because is like I am not being creative enough. In general, I can say that I receive a lot of pressure exactly when I have multiples projects without a deadline.

My inspiration comes from work I see often outside, in my school,  and in train’s stations. This includes banners, book covers, food menu, magazines, mini zines, posters, newspaper, and any collateral, ads. In other words, my surrounding is my inspiration. I enjoy seeing what’s out there, what designers are coming off with to informs others. I delight on every design I see in my community. Also, I love educational graffiti in my neighborhood. Graffiti really inspires me in the sense of being unique and showing a style that represents each artist. I pay close attention to details, how the typeface is used, color, scale, and abstract designs as well. Besides than that, anything that my eyes see as an unusual shape and cool is a great inspiration for me because it grabs my attention at first sight. Therefore, I’m visually active and all that I can see about a good design inspires me.

I do believe that a higher power exists. The creation of the world itself is the testimony. However, in order to understand this, I do believe that oneself should have a personal experience. Therefore, many people believe in themselves and that is super great because that is when the genius inside of them is revealing itself. These kinds of people don’t have yet a personal experience with the creator and I think that is why their belief in themselves. When a person recognizes that there is nothing more to do with his own strength and the necessity is beyond expectations, then that person starts recognizing the creator. I recognize the genius inside of me to the points where I can say  “You are better, come I need you but you never stay long, why?”.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Gilbert said that instead of us being the genius we all have a genius inside of us. I strongly agree and I believe that is why everytime I see a talented person doing something extraordinary I said that the spirit is in control. In other words, a person becomes better than he could normally ever be. It has an emotional trigger, which is different for everyone. Although, this is temporary because the genius inside of us comes out rarely and when it happens is to help us achieve what we can’t. I think everyone has experienced it when sometimes we feel empowered to do stuff that normally we can’t. For me, I call it being in the zone. When I reach to be in the zone for even a couple of minutes is like moving with the eyes close. Another example is feeling like a fish in the water. Something that really caught my attention from Elizabeth Gilbert’s speech is when she points out that creativity and suffering are linked together. This is why being creative has a price. In order to become better, we polish ourselves. But yes, suffering is part of an artist for the reason of having a different world in mind that no one understand sometimes. As one can see, we all experiencing an adrenaline rush on the level of experiencing the need to do something.