Reflection 4

COMD 3503                                                                                                                  Oct 17, 2018

Prof. Marianna

Miguel Santos

Reflection 4

Again, we watch a motivational Ted Talk video which is great at the beginning of the class. This time, we hear about the Designer John Maeda who explores the crucial moment when design met computers. According to him, the computer was just a box meaning that the person has to create basically the computer. In other words and compared to this days, I learn that graphic designers have software that creates complex shapes and unique designs but we have to take control over the computer because we are the creator of the ideas and make it ours. Therefore, the computer in a graphic design field is just a third hand, a tool for us to use. Moreover, for me, it was fantastic how Maeda started to be influenced slowly into graphics design. As he mentions, simplicity equal complexity.

On the other hand, I also learn where to look for a job. As young graphic designers, this is a struggle we must face until we arrive at this class I guess. I said this because we don’t know about recruiter and agencies websites that much. First of all, the networking events are a job search. Second, we can reach out to a recruiter that can help us. Third, if we are really sure that we want to work for a specific company we can go directly to the creative director or contact them through their personal information. This class was interesting, we also learn about our income salary.