Journal Entry #4 What I have learned

I have learned a lot from my internship. It is a blessing to see myself grow from the beginning until now. At first, a typical day for me was just to sit at a computer trying to do my best with the skills I learn from school. As related to my major, I have to communicate visually to others the information they need to know. However, in order to this, my supervisor Alejandra Delfin told me that I am not alone. She is here for me and that no matter how my skills are in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop she doesn’t want me to struggle if I don’t know something or can’t figure out something by myself. She gave me a great advice, “Feel free to go out and meets your clients and the people that surround us.”

Sometimes when there are training days for all worker, I have to be in charge of the office until everyone comes back. During this time, I receive the mailing, greet clients and other visitors but I do not answer any calls, only if my supervisor or any other worker from the office said so. Also, if any other of my coworker needs me I can stop what I’m doing and be available for them.


So far, one of my biggest tasks was to work on the collaborative project named “Mambo to Hip Hop.” The project was to mount a gallery about the timeline of “Mambo to Hip Hop” in the Bronx. Working on this project were four members: Michael who paint the walls and fixed the light, Nicer from Tats Cru and Alejandra and I. We divide the work, Nicer will print the big custom sticker titles and subtitles. As the assistant curator of Alejandra, I did the artwork labels and mounted it on cardboard that I cut with an Exacto knife.

Every time that we need to communicate Nicer will come to the office or we go to his studio. About working together, it was successful our communication daily. Also, the printing process was very successful along with our time management for this project. I have learned to use Photoshop and Illustrator better. I have learned to communicate better and I also have learned the long process of mounting a gallery.

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