Reflection 2: Part 1

COMD 3503                                                                                                                Sept 26, 2018

Prof. Marianna

Miguel Santos

What kind of Graphic Designer am I?

Many young graphic designers, don’t know what type of designers they are which is challenge full. As young designers, we do many great works but is tough when we ask ourselves where I will end up? where I do want to work?, what type of graphic designer am I?. Around two years ago, I ask myself “what kind of graphic designer am I?” but I did not have an answer by the time. I felt frustrated and very worried, for the reason that while doing many different types of works I couldn’t identify myself in the field. However, I told myself one thing that will lead me to the answer and that is “Don’t worry, keep moving on you will find it later”. I wasn’t very satisfied by saying that, it is really challenging when I think of my future career path. As we learned in class, choosing a direction within this field is tiring.  

During this three past years, I have handled all things of design. However, I realize that I enjoy more print production than web design. I design logos but is not my strongest skill. I love and enjoy designing book covers, campaigns, posters, zines, and flyers. All these years, I’ve been thinking to work for a design studio after graduation but lately, I have changed my mind after I finished my internship at a nonprofit organization. Working in-house show me what kind of graphic designer am I and want to continue to be. I’m very satisfied with layouts for print. In other words, I consider myself a layout designer. Therefore, I’m responsible to directs the reader in the right direction without tiring them and creates a design pleasing to the eyes. Also, I must ensure that the typeface chosen is good for long-term reading. Working in a corporate offers me stability, I can handle the day to day design needs. I prefer to be part of a small team of designers and meet all the creative needs of the company. I experienced at THE POINT CDC (Community Development Corporation) that working in a corporate allows me to grow and explore an in-depth understanding of a brand and its goals.

However, I have no idea where do I want to work for now. I have no answer when people usually ask me where do I want to work. I searched a lot on the internet but I haven’t found where I specifically want to work. As I already said, I am sure that I want to work for a corporate. It feels awkward every time a family member ask me where did I will work after graduation. My answer is that I would like to work for KIND Snacks, any food corporation, hospital or any brand of clothing.  As a designer, I have to think logistically and critically to make things work. Therefore, I enjoy the side of problem-solving, I think is fascinating going through the process while my curiosity as a designer increased each time. I am very patient, I go with the flow, that’s how opportunities come and go and I might end where I need to be or where I never thought I’ll be. Sometimes, I feel I am moving slow but forward is forward.

I remember my first typography class where I didn’t know anything at all. I didn’t know about Indesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. I remember my professor saying to the class “if you don’t know nothing about this software, what are you doing here? now is the time to change your major”. I believe that my answer to that question is still being part of what kind of graphic designer am I. My answer was that I want to be a graphic designer, “I know that right now I don’t know anything but I feel that I am a creative person that use every material around me to finish a project. Now I don’t know anything and that is why I am here to learn, later I will know and for me later is now”. In other words, as a graphic designer, I do my duties. I brainstorm, sketch my ideas, research, I communicate, I am twenty minutes early to work, I accept criticism. Therefore, like many other young graphic designers, I don’t know exactly yet where do I want to work. However, I want to start working for a corporate.

I am more fluent in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. I am getting better at photoshop. I am happy, I see the progress coming along in time. At THE POINT CDC, I worked along with the webmaster and graphic designer Alejandra Delfin who is still being a great mentor to me. Along with her, I learn how to publish works on the company website which is really fun to do. As a junior graphic designer, I am following my passion for design, and my functional skills are creativity, thinking visually, and strategizing. Before I show a final project, I ask my self if it is true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, or kind based on any composition I have to analyze.

I have a big vision for myself. I know my abilities, mistakes, and what I worth as a graphic designer. Once I enter working full time on the field, I know that as time goes by I imagine myself escalating on different duties such as multimedia, book design, or graphics apparel. Many people don’t imagine themselves starting small but I do right at away. At this age of life, choosing a direction within this field is hard for young designers. Today, I can say that I am satisfied during the long process, the path I have reached until now.