Journal Entry #5 My role model at my site

DirectorI believe that role models should be a part of everybody’s life. There is always someone that we naturally feel we can follow as an example in our daily life. In my placement, I noticed something special that captures my attention and makes me admires one person for the reason that I see myself saying that in the future I want to be like that too. This person is Danny Peralta, the Executive Managing Director at THE POINT.

I consider Danny a role model because he is a leader that cares about his people and he is very wise. I see Danny as the voice in every meeting and is the person that is always doing something but is always reachable. He takes any role at work at the moment needed, earning the trust of all of us. In other words, I admire that he is a solution man. Danny takes the initiative in every event, Staff party, and group reunion. Danny has the ability to guide a big group of people, creating a safe space where everyone can grow and succeed. As far I know, In 2000 Danny began his work as both a youth and community developer and concerned photographer.