Journal Entry #7 App Review 1

77I downloaded a sketching app named Paper by FiftyThree. This app is simple to follow and is a way to have a journal drawing on your phone. This app is a great way to brainstorming. When I first open the app, there are three books: Sketches, Paper Tools, and Project. Paper is a modern tool for drawing, writing, note-taking, and is a medium to organize thoughts and images daily. Therefore, one advantage of Paper is to put down ideas without using paper. Another advantage of this app is that it has a variety of brilliant tools. For example, a paintbrush, a fountain pen, a marker, numerous color palettes and a painter’s palette to mix them and create your own colors. Also, we can upload images to our drawing or to any page we want and we can add as many pages as we want. Paper create a space for anyone that wants to be creative. However, the only disadvantage I see is that Paper is only available for Apple devices. Below are my first art ideas using Paper.