Journal Entry #6 Network Event 1

NellyNellyDress Code

This is the first time that I met Nelly, the Program Coordinator from the Professional Development Center at City Tech. She is very passionate about student success and today I learn from her about Professionalism. I learn that the way we present ourselves at work is more than just a dress code. This workshop took place on the Voorhees building on March 8, 2018.

First of all, people judge our professionalism. This means our communication, awareness or competency, our attitude, and behavior. Therefore, Nelly advice us with several questions such as if do we apply our knowledge while working, do we demonstrate initiative, and are we being cooperative when it comes to teamwork. Nelly repeats that as professional we always have to introduce ourselves and network all the time.

There is two type of communication. In any workplace, we have to be aware of our voice’s clarity and speed when we speak. On the other hand, exist the written communication. This type of communication is important as our verbal communication. We have to proofread all time when we write e-mails, letters, and reports. Therefore, we have to show professionalism during interviews, work environment, conferences, classroom, events and on campus. One recommendation to show professionalism in any workplace is not to use our cellphone. When we are using our cellphone at work, we disconnect from the work environment, letting others know that we are not identifying with our surrounding.

I also met Denise Claire (Pebbles), a statics peer leader and peer advisor for the CMCE (Construction Management & Civil Engineering) department. Also, she is a student blogger for the OpenLab’s The Buzz. I am really happy that I met Nelly and Pebbles, two very important people at City Tech to network with.