Reflection 10: Art & Copy

COMD 3503                                                                                                                 Nov 21, 2018

Prof. Marianna

Miguel Santos

Reflection 10

In the film Art & Copy by Doug Pray, many outstanding ad campaigns were shown. This includes Doyle Dane Bernbach’s 1959 “Think small” ad for Volkswagen. Also, Dan Wieden’s slogan “Just Do It” for Nike, and “It Lets Me Be Me” campaigns by Phyllis K. Robinson. On the other hand, is George Lois with his “I Want My MTV” campaign, and “Got Milk?” by Rich Silverstein and Jeff Goodby. Last but not least, is shown “I Love New York” campaign, Apple’s “Think different” campaign, Budweiser frogs campaign and also “Where’s the Beef ?” by Cliff Freeman.  Most of this ad campaigns have left a mark on American culture, which was developed from a different and unique inspiration.

The Nike ad campaign is really inspirational for me. As mentioned in the film, anyone feels related in somehow with the slogan “Just Do It.” When I am afraid to do something I just think of Nike’s slogan and it gives me the courage to do what I have to do. However, it turns out the inspiration was convicted killer Gary Gilmore, who said “Let’s do it” just before he was executed by a Utah firing squad in 1977. Meaning that years later and unexpected, the phrase became the inspiration for Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. I was surprised after hearing it as its origin was not widely known or acknowledged. Therefore, Wieden just reacts that it works and he like the part “do it” meaning it was completely inadvertent and unforeseen. Just as simple as that, he realizes that the simple writing seems to kind of say more than the product and it connects to people.

I believe now that lateral thinking is very needed for agencies. In other words, it is an essential tool to solve complex problems. I really love in the film when for the first time, a campaign’s art director and copywriter were put in the same room which was the inspiration of the 1960s firm Doyle Dane Bernbach. In my opinion, this field is very competitive, especially when dealing with clients who don’t have faith in their product. Therefore, lateral thinking helps create successful marketing experience by engaging creative people together in a problem. However, advertisers are making themselves and their clients rich selling goods like Tommy Hilfiger clothes. I think advertisement is more a marketing experience than an artistic expression but I also believe it contains both. I mean that all these campaigns from back then became pop-culture sensations even in today’s days. As mentioned in the film, this is about everything with instantly recognizable imagery and great storytelling.

On the other hand, Paula’s presentation about what she does as a strategist is really interesting as well. She is the person that starts the initial direction by providing focus keeping a client’s need and business. In other words, I learn how strategists identify and turn problems into opportunities by thinking differently. However, after the information given I wasn’t really interested in that position. My brain felt a lot of pressure as if I was working in a rush, being a strategist requires a lot of giving and receiving but sure, a strategist is never alone, everyone puts something in the table. I guess, having people on top of all the time is not my thing, being a strategist requires a lot of energy and good communication skills. Although, she reminds me that I don’t know yet where I will end up because in life we are always influenced by others.