Four View Of An Object

IMG_0399This is an Orthographic drawing of four sides of a car. An Orthographic drawing is an accurate map of how each side looks when viewed straight on. I title this draw Four View Of An Object because of the projection it causes. The aim of the car’s side and top elevation was to see the length of this car. Also, the aim of the front and back elevation was to see the height which have a relationship with the length. In other words, I learn that by measuring the height we determine how many units of measure there are in the length. In addition, from making this Orthographic drawing I learned that having lightly guidelines make the work more accurate and that sides is very important because each elevation draw correspond to each other sides. However, the placement of the car’s sides was a challenge to make it fix and look nice in the paper. I feel, this method is a useful way of drawing an object that we can see from different directions.

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